"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, May 22, 2006

Laying It On Pretty Thick....

It's still me. New title. Soon to be new template. Same wholesome goodness.....

Sooooo. I forgot my sister's birthday. It was Saturday, the 20th, like it always is. I knew it was this weekend. I just forgot to call her. Saturday I got my mail, and theres my Mom's mothers day card. Returned. No city state or zip was written on the envelope. So, not only did I forget my sister's birthday, my Mom never got her mothers day card!!!! I'm like, scum of the earth! Lowest of the low! My sister told me she'd NEVER forget my birthday. They were on a long drive for this guilt trip! I'M SORRY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Forgive me!

Me and Bubba got lots of plants on Saturday. We got money plants. I'll let you know how that growing money goes. Maybe I won't. Wouldn't want anyone else to infringe on my wealth. I got more mulch, and a window box, and finished up the yard. I'm never really done, so that was a lie. Anyways--I planted an herb garden in my window box, and different mints in a large planter. We'll get some annuals from work this week, and our mums. Then my pots will be planted. It's neverending.

When CP got home, yes HOME (he's back!) on Saturday, we went for a walk. Suprised me, that he wanted to walk with me! We went to get ice cream. I got cake batter, and peanut butter crunch. This place by our house makes the BEST ice cream ever. I made my favorite comfort food meal...meatloaf, mashed potatos, and corn. mmmmm I don't eat red meat often at all, so I've been paying for that ever since.

Yesterday Kat came over, and we had time to kill before the walking tour, so....we got ice cream. Same place. It's addictive. I got moosetracks, and peanut butter crunch. Bubba met us to begin what turned out to be a 5 mile trek! There was lots of stopping so it didn't seem like that far at all. After our walk.....we went for ice cream!!!!! Bubba made us go. I did get a milkshake instead, if that makes it any better?

I found a lump on my bunny Chelsea's head between her ear, and her eye. It can't be good, so I spent Sat night crying over it. My other bunny is horrible. Mean. Unfriendly. Confrontational. And Chelsea is the sweetest animal alive. It isn't fair. She'll go to the vet this wknd. Hopefully.

I watched a really good Strictly Sex, that I'll talk about tomorrow!

Has anyone seen Faith? The 2 legged dog? It is the sweetest thing ever. Check her out!!! If you're an animal person, it might move you to tears!!! It really made me rethink the whole quality of life issue.

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER! who's lucky I'm not adding her age to the wishes.


hot for jr. said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, even if it was late! You can add my age - I don't care. It's just a number! There's nothing I can do about it anyways.
I'm sorry about Chelsea! If Boo's is acting up, does that mean he senses she's sick?

Mon said...

Boo's is always a meanie! But he's been mean to her so yes, he can sense it. I have to separate them yet again.

Miahart said...

my sisters birthday is may 20th too! how very very conincidental! and...get this...her husband forgot her bday! she was with us, out of town, he had a great excuse as he was on call-hospital for 48 hours in the ICU...but still...his wifes bday....so it must have been something with the stars!

Mon said...

miahart: Woa, that is oddly coincidental! I'm going to blame it on the stars. It wasn't my fault!