"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, May 19, 2006

Here's My 10 cents, My 2 Cents is Free....

Ok, now the over-sensetivity of the world has gone too far. I'm jamming to the radio, and they went and jacked up "I'm in love with a stripper".

It's now "I'm in love with a DANCER". Ohhhhhh, cus, it's the same thing!?

I get that they change songs for the sake of the little kiddies or whatever, but kids know, they aren't stupid, they download the shit!!! I don't think real dancers, "bob" and "roll" and "grind that pole".

I think the Pussycat Dolls got it right, just name the song Beep. And leave blanks in where the 'bad' words would go. Then they don't mess your shit up on the radio! Plus, it's also more fun while drinking, to make up meanings to the pauses. Note the endless possiblities:

I don't give a (bleep) keep lookin' at my (beep) cus it don't mean a thang if you're lookin at my (beep) ima do my thang while your playin with your (beep)

Hey.."What's the uncensored version of beep? "

"Ummmm....I think it's beep"

Brace yourselves, because this weekend, I am cleaning out my garage. It's Ok to be jealous. I'd even give up the fun for someone else, if they asked nicely...any takers? I'm also finishing up my mulching, and going to a plant sale with Bubba bright and early Saturday morning. Plants for a buck! What would you do??? And Sunday I'm going on a walk with Kat. (as long as she doesn't stay home to do laundry that is! *ahem*)

The Goodyear Blimp hanger caught on fire yesterday. It was big news around here. It's a landmark for us. They don't know how it caught fire yet, but it only made it throught the outside layer. My dad worked for Lockheed Martin (formerly Loral, Formerly Goodyear Aerospace) as a pipe fitter when he was alive. He was also on the fire brigade there. We got to go inside for family day. I expected the blimp to be blown up inside of it, cus it's that big, and that shape. The place has it's own atmosphere. I work about 2 miles past the hanger, but the fire was out when I went to work. Story and Pic here. There is also some video. Like I said, big news round here!

I'm taking a poll. (this always reminds me of Truth or Dare when Madonna's taking a poll and her one non-gay dancer is offended thinking she wants him to stick 'a pole' where the sun don't shine)
CP told me that my having a blog is the same thing as him chatting online with babes. I dunno about that...considering it isn't conversation. But I tend to be one sided. So what do you think? Same thing? Yay? Nay? Of course, I expect everyone to agree with me, but you go ahead and tell me what you think. Really.


Tayray said...

I'll go walking with you & Kat on Sunday.
I think a blog is WAY different then talking on line to people.
You aren't nessarily talking to people this way, we just leave our comments!

Samsara said...

Blog is different - absolutely. For me, I get lost in what I'm saying, don't have to overthink or censor my speech patterns because I'm not trying to *impress* anyone in the heat of the moment.

I can rethink a thought, rephrase it, and elaborate it until my heart's content. Can't do that in real life [or real-time chatting] for that matter.

hot for jr. said...

A blog is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than chatting with someone online. This is onsided, sharing your opinions with everyone. chatting, especially with someone of the opposite sex, is very intimate. it doesn't have to be sexual to be intimate, and if you are involved, or engaged, being intimate like that is wrong. It's even more wrong when you know your significant other is upset by it. I wasn't able to email a male friend of mine for over a year because his wife thought there was something inappropriate going on. He loved his wife and told me that even though we are friends, and always will be, at that point we weren't able to communicate. Whether you think it's wrong or not doesn't matter - if your significant other thinks its wrong then you should stop!!

dvdguy said...

Rap/hip hop music on regular radio is ridiculous. It's like when really hard-R rated movies like Pulp Fiction try to air on network television. What's the point?

Dave said...

My favorite way of expressing myself is to fart or burp in public. It really says it all.

Bubba said...

I think that last post by dave is hilarious!!! I dont think blogging is the same. Alan seems to think that by me having a My Space it's cheating though. So what Do I know ?


supplymadam said...

Has someone been flirting with you on your blog? If not,then I say "nay". I've never seen any flirting going on here.

Rachel said...

That's funny about the Pussycat Dolls. I agree. I don't think it's the same thing as CP chatting with babes! Am I coming on to you? Really. Blogs are about sharing your perspective with others. I get a lot of great info from others on mine, and I can document my thoughts. It's very therapeutic!

chelle said...

Thats sad about the airdock. I searched on google and found some really cool pictures of it.

I don't think having a website or blog is like chatting on IM..What a weirdo if you ask me..lol