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Friday, May 12, 2006

Mr. Goodbody, and Other Fun Memories...

Gather round kiddies we're goin' back. Way back.

Does anyone remember Mr. Goodbody? He popped into my head one day. He wore that body suit of his insides. And it had 2 sides, one showed his muscles, one showed his organs. When he ate, he'd show how it travled through his body by pointing to himself. 16 years later, here I am remembering. He must have been good! I guess he's still traveling around. I bet it isn't long before some uptight bitch reports him for ruining her childs life, because he might as well be 'naked'.

I'm really suprised it was so hard to locate a picture of him. There are some in his infamous suite on his site above. Back when there use to be that way fun website "Yesterdayland" I bet he'd have been on there. Did anyone else love that website? It was like a myspace for your childhood. I had all my favorite 80's shows, fashions, songs, toys, singers, cartoons. And it had PICTURES of them all! This was about 3-4 years back. Someone tried to remake it. It's now called Retroland. But, I can't get it to load.

What shows did I like? Alf, Small Wonder, Silver Spoons, Webster, Mr. Belvedere, Kate & Ally, Just the 10 of Us, Facts of Life, Riptide, Square Pegs!

Remember when Saturday morning, from 8-12 was all about cartoons? The Shirt Tales, Richie Rich, Bugs Bunny, Pound Puppies, Dungeons and Dragons, Kidd Video, Smurfs, Getalong Gang, Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, Snorks, Muppet Babies, Hello Kitty, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Garfield.

I think a lot of kids don't have to use their imagination. Like, we had to make our Barbie car move, now they move on their own. I didn't have one anyways, I had the Sunshine Family van. They were hippies. I think they werea hand-me-down of my sisters. But I did have Barbies. But the sunshine family had eyes that if you squeezed their heads, they would pop out. Relax, they were pegs, I put them back in!

My favorite doll was my friend Becky. You could wash her hair! She didn't talk. I had to make her talk. I learned the future prevention of the west nile virus, with my way cool game, swat the mosquito. Kids today play stuff online. A fun thing for me to do was pretend my closet was an elevator. Herself the elf, I even had crayons shaped like her! Fashion plates, were cool. The backs of the clothe plates even had different textures to make the clothes have patterns. Those are real toys! I got a Hello Kitty fashion plate set recently. It's pretty generic!

Know what they had at Old Navy? Flowered jeans. Yep. I sported a white pair with pink and blue flowers. And a black pair with dark flowers. Bitchin dudes! They also had those terry cloth one peice jumpers that have a halter top. My mom always wore one. Gay. I never thought this would happen to me. Fashions coming back. I never thought any of the fashions from my day were particularly cool. Tapered jeans? High top sneakers? Of course, if the high tops had velcro, you had to not use it, and attach it back on itself, that was the cool thing to do.

This is a fun website if your into re-living the 80's too!

What's your favorite childhood memories?

(In your face Chris Daughtry haters, my boy's movin onnnnn!!!)


Dave said...

When I was a child nobody cared about safety. Come to think of it, nobody cared whether they had a healthy body either. An excercizd machine was a strap that a woman put around her waist that was vibrated by a big machine.

When I parents went on a diet, the only things that were "lo cal" were poached eggs, grapefruit and cottage cheese.

The coolest thing about my childhood was probably the Beatles and James Bond. They both hit the scene when I was 5-8 years old. I was nuts about both of them.

I lived in the country. We built forts, hiked and roamed the countryside. Road our bikes to the candy store. Huge gangs of us camped and played a lot of baseball. We dressed up as Marvel Comic Book characters. I was pissed cause I never got to be Spiderman. I loved the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns when I was no more than 5.

I kissed a girl when I was 5 or 6. I liked girls a lot until they started following me around. Funny how some things never change :)


supplymadam said...

I used to love playing with my brother's toy. They were more interesting to me. But I did love my Barbie and Ken. I loved my brother's erector set and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots and Battleship.
I was so mean to my Barbie dolls I used to cut their hair. But I never cut my Beautiful Tressie Doll's hair. You push the button on her belly and pull her hair to make it grow.
We also used to make forts out of snow. My neighbors across the street would build one too and we would have snowball fights and use our forts for protection.

supplymadam said...

Tha didn't sound good "My brother's toy. I meant "toys"

Rachel said...

When I was a girl, we didn't have video games! We walked uphill in the snow to school...both ways! We ate glass for lunch! And we liked it!

Just kidding. But, honestly, toys that foster creativity are so much better. I used to love my building blocks and legos. I would make a zoo for my little plastic animals. Plus, I had Barbies, but their function was to exercise the Pretty Ponies and Breyer Horses and to clean out the stalls.

Mon said...

Dave: I think I've been on that diet! It gave me gas! 5? I hated boys until I was like, 11. They use to chase us and make us scream! euw! My how times HAVE changed!

Supply Madam: I think my sister had that doll..She was a red head? the hair came up the top of her head.

Rachel: You had to eat glass too???Legos!! I use to love to stack them as high as they would go!

mamma said...

I had a tin can. We would play for hours with that can. Kick it, run and hide til you could make it back to base free. Our balance beams were trees that had fallen over in the woods. During storms, we had to sit in a group away from all the windows and play word memory games with one another. When we did the dishes we would play hangman on the black board hanging in the kitchen to keep us entertained. Play button button who's got the button up the stairs til we got to the top. Upset the fruitbasket, where one of us was named a fruit and someone had to guess which fruit and when he named one, the perosn who was "IT" would then yell upset the fruit basket and we had to change places including him and whoever didn't find a spot, was "IT" next time. We caught fireflies. In winter we skied at the neighbors hill, and made igloos. We played softball with our brothers and sisters, and neighobrs, then walk to the store for penny candy. Our desserts were jelly bread or coffee bread (a thick slice of homemade bread with coffee poured on and tons of sugar)..yummmy We played red rover, statue, red light green light, airplane, climbed our willow trees. Played with paper dolls. We got our tans while weeding the garden, learned to dance by watching bandstand, had transitor radios and a record player. Santa brought us a new baby doll every Christmas, a coloring book and crayons, an outfit, orange and apple and nuts in our stockings and we were the happiest ever.

Mon said...

Momma: i am really sad for you that you played statue. I can't stop laughing! Stand still, and be a statue, ready...set...GO!