"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain Rain Go away....

Here we are. Monday. Rain. What a way to set the tone for the week. It's been raining for days now. All's you hear is "we need the rain". Why? I dunno. So what if the grass dies, it's a friggin weed. I'm perfectly capeable of watering what I want to live. I havn't walked for like 4 days! Sure, I own a treadmill, but it's just not the same. I don't have a TV near the treadmill, and watching the wall is so......boring! Walking gets you somewhere. So the Woman's Challenge started yesterday. I'm sad to say I only got 4,200 steps in. That's only cus I cleaned. Stop wishing all this rain on us m'kay?

Exhibit A.

The bunny condo

I stayed up all night Friday cleaning. I got the genius idea to remove all the carpet peices from my rabbit condo levels. It's been 2 years and never cleaned, so why not? My bunny was sick, so it's probably a good idea. I had them all zip tied to the grate shelving. Note in above picture. Also note, there is another section to this condo that is 2x2 ft and 2 levels. It was a task. When I opened the washer, they were just like peices of cloth. All the freaking backing washed off!!!! Aint that a bitch??? So I couldn't put the carpet back on! Bunnies can't hop on shelving with 2 inch holes either! I put towels on there, and headed to Home Depot for some linoleum, and carpet remnants. I got the linoleum, the carpet remnants were too big, and therefore too expensive. So I stuck tile on the shelves. Bunnies have furry paws and they slid they weren't having it! They have 4 levels so I couldnt leave that or they'd biff it, and no one wants to see a bunny biff it! (if you do you're evil!)

The moral of this story is, always have a back up plan! Right now I have towels in their cage, it looks really gay! But it's a project for another day. Definately need to get more carpeting!

Let's see, what else happened? Oh, Kat stood me and Bubba up! We were going to have a fire Saturday, but yes, rain and gloom! So we decided to still get together. Bubba came, and no Kat. We went to the liquer store, no Kat! We called her, oh I'm on my way she said. She was doing laundry on a Saturday night, and cleaning, instead of kicking it with her uber cool girls!!! WTF?
We called her twice more, she stopped answering her phone. Mind you her husband is in Italy, so she could have been dead, right? We packed it up and headed over there at 11pm, rang her bell and here she comes. SHE WAS SLEEPING! How rude! Nevermind the fact that when I called her at 5 to confirm our plans, she was sleeping then too!! Don't ask me what she was up to the night before, but it must have lasted all night long!

We got online and played with myspace. We all met a cool chick named Sam. Kat gave me a bunch of books on buddhism, and we ate her anniversary Godiva. mmm. Anyhoo--Hooch! You'll never live this down!!!! We women remember everything, don't we??

Is anyone else afraid of 6/6/06?? You know he's coming, right? Damien? I saw the previews. Lock your doors! I have to wait until stinking 10pm to watch the end of Grey's Anatomy. Whoever thought of that brilliant idea is a dick! 2 parter? 2 days? I swear to all that is holey if the presidents dumb fucking face interrupts my tivo'd shows there'll be hell to pay! I don't get to watch anything cus of work! (3 wks....almost done!) I cannot believe Izzy killed Denny! And, you know he's gonna die! Dr. Burke? Dead! Christina was being way too cynical about love. Desperate housewives......did Tom cheat, or didn't he? I say he did, cus he's a man, and they think not with their brains!!! Sure, he'll come up with a believable lie, and get Lynette back, cus thats just what they do!

I learned a new catch phrase this wknd. on the View. "Hug it out" when your pissed off! Be prepared for it's usage!


hot for jr. said...

I WALKED 7,719 STEPS YESTERDAY!!!!That doesn't count what I walked around the house, but we did alot of shopping so those steps cost us alot of money. We did alot of walking Saturdy too, more shopping, but I didn't keep track since I didn't have to.
I can't believe they put Greys Anatomy on at the same time as Medium. Is Medium new? I'll have to tape it!!
I saw a show on FX 'Revelation 666' and they were talking about the dte next month. It is a scary thought!!

bethie said...

yeah tom cheated...that bastard..lol

Dave said...

I hope this doesn't offend you. But at first glance, that candle in your picture looks like a guy's penis that you had stuffed and mounted.

Are you a collector :) ??


Mon said...

Jr: Sweet, you totally beat me!!!!

Bethie: It was classic when Mrs. McClusky threatened him with the hedge clippers, which brings us to...

Dave: I'm not easily offended, but if I were a collector I'd need my own display room. Just because that would be all the men who screwed me over....The others would all fit nicely on one little shelf. Little, being the operative word here.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was tired!! Guys... can I have the keys... I need to go lay in the car. Come on guys... Yeah, I never lived that one down either. ;)

Do you recall I flashed you my boob? I also pushed you over. I also remember you saying had I not let you in you were gonna take a dump on my front porch.


Mon said...

Kat: you wont live it down. Just like Bubba and the White Zinfan-dale. I was gonna crap on your porch. Payback man. Payback.
You did push me over. One day you'll hurt me!