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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Million Dollar Bunny...

Chelsea spent an hour and a half at the vet this morning for her appointment. Turns out that she has a severe ear infection. She never shook her head, scratched her ears, or stopped any normal behavior. She was also at the vet twice last month with upper respiratory problems. This infection came out of nowhere, as she had a physical both times, and I pet her ears daily because it makes her go all dreamy.

The vet got rid of the lump. She drained it into her ear canal, which then had to be drained, and cleaned. She told me that it is very unusual that an infection will show through the skin like that. She has a culture sent out to see what type of infection she has and how to treat it. This cost me, $175. She's worth it, but I was NOT expecting that. She goes back in a week for her test results. Her Dr. said depending on how she responds to the meds, she may have to have minor surgery to drain the ear from the outside.

She is snuggling comfortably with her 'husbun' Boo's. Who has stopped being a jerk to her since her return.

I think I have my spot in heaven reserved. A nice spot, with the countless animals that I have nurtured and loved in my life.

Chelsea is a model bunny as always, and an intern got to learn with her because she is so docile. Much like the time I was an example at the GYN only much less embaressing I'm sure.


chelle said...

Poor thing :~( BTW I love your new layout girlie!!

supplymadam said...

I would have done the same thing. Oh wait I already have. I hope the meds help and you are spared the expense of a surgery. Poor little girl(s).

Dave said...

I was hoping to read about some real drama in your life. I'm not a big fan of pets. This story seems kind of "tame" (ha ha).