"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Cows Go Moo!...

On my way home last night in broad daylight (I called off job 2 sue me) 3 deer crossed the street. They just kept coming. I'll advise Tayray to steer clear of this route, as since seeing the ring 2 she is now afraid of deer. Sweet. Harmless. Deer. Pretty deer, that she doesn't mind cooking up on the stove top, or smoking into jerky.

The annual walking tour is going on in May! I'm going to go on it. Kat said she'd probably go too. Why not, it's free, and we'll learn a thing or two. You like to do such things when you get older. It's only a few miles, but I've never done it. It's of this old estate, part of which I work on.

I work in Barn no. 1. In the first picture, the first window to the right of the right silo, is my office. If you look closely. You might see me in there slaving away! I'd like to note, that the windows no longer open to help cross ventilate the cattle. We get no ventilation.

People usually call it a castle. It's really a barn. To us within the company it's "the barn". This is a map of the estate . If you click on the different areas, it brings up pictures of how it use to be back in the day. Of course, they got rid of the cows, and the stalls. And added cubicles, and computer geeks. But pretty much the rest is all the same. The greenhouses are no longer standing. When they were, they were a part of our company.

Working in a cow barn comes with it's own stigma. Such as when we have a food day, it's called a grazing table. MOOO! And it's kind of a tradition to gain 10-20 lbs when you start working here.

It's also haunted, but that's another story.

When I first started at work, one woman (who doesn't work with us anymore) told me that next door to us, use to be a creamatory. GASP! Where they creamated people. Which is creepy, because it is now someones house. And the buildings seem kinda scarey. And, I use to work there alone on weekends, and late at night. After asking around, I found out it was a Creamery. You know, for the cows. Milk. Ice cream. Moo.


Tayray said...

Deer Jerky rocks! And yes I am afarid now, I believe that could really happen!

hot for jr. said...

I wish the ghost would have come out the night we visited. I even wasted several pictures on my roll of film hoping to catch Anna or someone lurking around. Damn ghosts never come to play when you want them too.

Rachel said...

hee hee. jason is afraid of deer too. well, he's afraid of crashing into one and wrecking the car. it's cute. i love cows. jason grew up on a dairy farm in wisconsin so i get to see lots of cows when i visit the in-laws. it's fun.