"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blog la de Blog la da Life Goes On...

This is a post that really has no structure. Cus who gives a shit about structure on a Friday when you only have to work until noon? Not me!

I hate the president. I can't stand looking at his stupid expressions, or listening to him talk about shit he has no idea about, and blu blu blubbering on and on. So, all we have to do, is elect Hilary Clinton, and all will be right! I am going to volunteer somewhere next election, and make people register to vote. Oh, silly me, what does it matter who votes?!! I forgot that they'll just throw out the votes when she wins, and demand a recount and we'll somehow get stuck with George Bush again. They probably have yet another dumbfuck Bush clone stashed away somewhere. They do whatever the hell they want to do anyways.

We really need a woman president. We really need a woman DEMOCRAT president, but that is about as political as I'll let myself get. The state of our country makes me sick. Soon, we wont be able to even say that, cus you know, they can take our rights away!

Random Thought: It's hard not to cuss around children.

Next topic! The stupid cop boxes they are putting up around here. This stupid box takes a picture of your liscense plate if you are speeding. Or run a red light. You get a ticket in the mail, but how do they know its you? What if someone else drove your car? Where is the proof? I heard on the radio a class action law suit has been filed stating just that, its against the law to do.

And, lets face it, it takes cops jobs. Cops, that we need to police the little shits that run the streets these days! The ones that make routine traffic stops, and end up catching murderers! You know what we need? MORE MACHINES TO DO OUR JOBS! That is just what we need! Make more poverty! Now, they want to put these downtown, to see who keeps a parking spot all day. Who fucking cares?! Honestly???? If your paying for the spot, what does it matter? Don't we have, like, murders, rapist, and child molesters to catch? Havn't they shut down like, every major corporation in this area and moved the jobs overseas? Yes, yes, they have. So the thing to do is take more jobs away from people and replace them with machines. Am I alone in thinking this is the stupidest idea ever?

And, as I aspire to help others, and make you feel good, a little ditty bout this girl I work nights with, and why you should be thankful you are not her....

She got married oh, 'bout 6 months ago. One week later she caught her husband in bed with another woman. She took the sorry SOB back, (as women normally do cus we're stupid)had his baby 9 months later, and now he is screwing around with drugs and alchohol, and probably chicks too. Coke. One girl asked her how he can do this to her, and I simply said it's the drugs! Been there! Addiction takes over your life, and you don't care who you hurt in the process of getting your fix!!

So, she's devastated. What do we learn from this? Well, he has like 5 kids already, so if a guy can't keep it in his pants, he can't keep it in his pants! Some are just more fertile than others, and easier to catch! If you cut his dick off, he can't do that anymore. Catching a man with another woman can be deemed temporary insanity, so go ahead and cut it off, or break his knee caps, you'll get away with it! And, if you give a man an inch, he'll take a mile! Thats the 100% truth! Marriage won't change a man. Thats the bottom line! Unfortunatley we all learn that one the hard way!

Pretty sure we are letting the limo go and losing the deposit. We're still going out, but we'll have to be responsible, errr, someone will have to be. It surely sucks to be poor!

Good news today. One of my visa's that had been about 500 over the limit for about a year, is finally 100 UNDER the limit! Can you freaking believe it? Cus I can't! I havnt used it in 3 years! How did it get so high? Oh it's a long story. But it involves a 29% interest rate, 29% cash advance fee, and $34 over limit fee each month. Making the minimum payment not near 1/2 of the charges they charged me monthly! I'M FINALLY MAKING PROGRESS!!! Hello 2006! Welcome to what I like to call, crawling out of the hole!!!!!

Today's Question:

How will you ring in the new year?


Tayray said...

With my friends, getting wasted!! No one has to be err responsible, we can just call a cab.

bethie said...

hopefully drunk but not puking...cp's driving...right? lol

MzAriez said...

I'll be the sad one here.

I'll be home with two sleeping kids on the phone with my best friend in Ohio.

Let me not forget the outfit.....$10 Walmart thernal nightgown. I'm going for comfort.

Have a great time and have a drink for me!

hot for jr. said...

I'm in an extremly pissy mood today too!!!!!!!! I keep bitching about everything - even with my "stay calm and love yourself" music playing on my computer here at work. I think part of my problem today is excepting the fact I will be spending New Years ALONE when I was hoping this year I'd finally be able to spend it with someone I really cared about. Well as anyone who knows me knows, it's not going to happen. I get to spend another New Years alone. Hell, by now it's a tradition that shouldn't be broken. LOL. I am just so hating this someone so bad right now. 'LETS TELL HER IT'S GREAT TALKING TO HER WHEN YOU CALL HER, WHICH I REALLY SHOULDN'T BE DOING SINCE I BROKE UP WITH HER, THEN TELL HER YOU DO MISS HER AND HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT GOING OUT AND WILL CALL HER, BUT NEVER DO, AND THEN LESS THAN A WEEK LATER POST MY PROFILE BACK ON THE PERSONALS'. To all the men out there that might read this, QUIT FUCKING WITH WOMEN'S HEADS!!!!!!! Don't look her in the eye, tell her you love her, then a week later end it. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BEFORE YOU FUCK WITH SOMEONE ELSES HEAD!!!!!!!!!

can you tell I'm a little bitter today? Sorry to everyone, but the men!!

Rachel said...

I will ring in the new year quietly rejoicing in my new San Diego apartment as a beautiful light gray rain falls outside, ruining all the spoiled San Diegans outdoor party plans. Suck it up! Weather isn't ruining anyone else's plans in the country!

Mon said...

Well Jr, I'm glad to see you are moving to the next phase. Anger is much more fun!!!!