"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, December 26, 2005

You Look Mah-valous...

I'm adopting this look for my new blog.

It's a bigger project than I had anticipated. I didn't do one of the generic ones that you just paste and all your stuff transfers, I'm actually re-coding a basic layout that I liked. I like doing things the hard way, you learn more. I dunno when it'll be done, I worked on the damn thing 6 hours and I'm nowhere near being started, let alone done. Back to works tomorrow. No time for a life!

My Christmas was fun! We had chicken tenderloins here at our residence. Meant to be breasts but they sold out last week! I made em with stuffing, cream of chicken, and onion soup and swiss cheese. It was a hit. Breasts would've been way better! And we had parsley potatos with butter and parsley that I borrowed from the bunnies. And corn, and apple delight. I loved the apple delight, apple pie filling and yellow cake. Could it be any easier? YUM!

CP was up Friday night baking billions of cookies. He made Tayray a tin and I gave her a xmas plate for them. We had my brother, CP's daughter, Bubba, Alan, Tayray and Todd all over for a bit. We watched Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo. CP's kid wasn't there. I think she liked my gift the best cus she played with it the most! We also watched Polar Express. It is really hard for me not to cuss around children. Just an observation.

I got a mister, that has a light in it that changes color. It's cool, it makes the air moist. I put some of my sisters essential oils she mixed up in it, and it disperses it in the mist, pretty freakin cool! CP also got me 'The Forgotton' (that movie about fucking aliens!) book ends, hello kitty stationary set (cus she is the coolest ever no matter what my brother says about her being for 5 year olds, I USE to be five you know!), DVD cases and case inserts for the computer, so that our burned DVD's (for personal use only) look like real live DVD's which is pretty bad-ass, a laser pointer for the cats which is hours of enjoyment.

We watched Crash, which is a good movie about how we are all a little racist and it brings evil unto you. That was my lesson at least. And the 40 year old virgin, hilarious! I watched The Wedding Date, classic. We still have Stealth, and Robots to watch.

As I sit here eating a salad I can say this....

I've eaten enough friggin' junk to feed a small nation, and I'm not feeling too hot for it! I can't wait to get back to regular food...and some exercise. My skin is puffy! I feel disgusting! Go away holidays, go, the fuck, away!!!

Next wknd is New Years, we're all getting a Limo to party responsibly. And you should know, that by responsibly, I mean, we're not driving drunk...not that we're gonna be sticks in the mud.
I'm off to tinker with my blog skin and enjoy my last day of freedom!

(This might include the Sims....CP burned a bunch of versions for the computer, controling people has never been so easy! Mine shall have 50 cats, and some rabbits. It's addictive, and they can't dump or hate you, cus their fucking sims, and they do what you say!!!)

Today's Question:

What did Santa bring you?


mommamule said...

Santa brought me a lazer gun to kill the burgurlars that try to steal my new battery operated car.. lots of smell pretties and To Kill a Mockingbird collectors edition. I got hair clips, mugs and tea, gift certificates, socks, ornaments, frame, candle warmer, new soft toilet seat, An official It's a Wonderful Life angel bell ornament,engraved "an angel just got its wings", a black? angel, candle lamp,stuffed angel, basket of goodies, antique looking hook, Christmas bracelet, nice big check from our residents, and I am sure I am forgetting something. But Santa was good to me. Cuz I am such a good girl.. no coal this year.

bethie said...

santa brought me a gift card to kohl's, target,wal mart and aeropostale, tommy girl perfume, movie passes and a necklace from santa's workshop from my nephew. remember santa's workshop from grade school?

Mon said...

Momma: you made out like a bandit!
Bethie: I always got junk from santas workshop for my mom, that was so much fun! Memories!

hot for jr. said...

I got a pair of earrings, a ring with a purple stone heart, some smell pretties, (that's a must if you're a female!), candles, 2 kittie calendars, a beautiful Budda candle holder, another tealight candle holder w/crystals hanging from it, the big surprise present was the 5th and final season of "ANGEL". I bought myself a CD to improve my self esteem. It has soft background type music with subliminal phrases to improve the way you feel about yourself, and with my Christmas check from work I will be buying a membership to the Rec Center so I can start exercising to help improve my self esteem as well. Since Santa didn't bring me my prince charming, or a frog prince to kiss, I need to find him on my own.
I probably forgot some stuff as well, but it's not because I don't like what I got. It's just hard to remember.

Mon said...

damn JR! You are gonna be a new woman in the new year!!

hot for jr. said...

Being a new woman is the whole point!! The old me hasn't snagged Mr. Right, so it's time for some changes!!