"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates....

The moral of the story here, is.... it's MY box of chocolates. And when you have a box of chocolates all to yourself. You have the luxury of smashing each and every one of them without anybody bitching about it. You can even open them and take a bite and toss them out. Those creme filled ones are for the birds. My trash is filled up with wrappers and bitten, half eaten nasty raisen clusters, that like to parade around like their peanut clusters, and my box is filled with squished cremes. I save the squished cremes cus some people will still eat them. Their individually wrapped, so my finger never actually penetrated the chocolate, it's like safe chocolate squishing.

MY CHOCOLATES! Smashie Smashie!

So I guessed that there were 505 snowman turds in the jar yesterday. They trusted Tayray to count the shits since she works in finance. There was like 700. The closest guess was 687. I got totally ripped out of a Starbucks gift card on that one. And, a jar of snowman crap! I really thought I hit the nail on the head. I thought about it all day!

It's hump day and I feel like a fat lard. My system needs an anema. No. More. Junk. Food! Bleh!

I didn't bake a single cookie. Not one! It's really unlike me! I usually make my yummy shortbread cookies dipped in butterscotch and chocolate. Buckeyes....with rice krispies! Peanut butter krinkles with reese cups instead of the hershey kiss. The upside of not baking is i wont be sick for days upon days from eating so much crap. Oh....wait, I already am. UGH........

I get off 1 hour early from my second job Friday. Whoopty ding dong daddy! A whole freakin hour! Watch out 8:00 cus IM OFF WORK! Friday will really suck ass, getting off at noon and going to work at 5. Wtf? Oh well. A perk of 2 jobs? (cus I need to convince myself how much I love it) .....two Christmas parties!!!! Got another one tonight! Although, I'll only eat what my only 3 friends there make, cus I don't have much confidence in the abilities of the mentally challenged to cook. Rather not come across any special 'suprises'. Did I make anything? Do I look like I have time?

Well, the girl I sit by at job 2, and talk to all the time, and take breaks with.....is looking for another job. I am the curse of Job 2. Sit by me! You'll realize how much your job sucks and you'll leave me like everyone else has left me! I dunno if I can stand it if she leaves!!!!!!!!

CP works the next 2 nights. Poor me. I miss him when he's gone! I got a massage last night. I melted like butter. Nothing like it. Felt. Fantastic.

Happy winter solstice! Go home and do some witchery! I plan to!

Today's Question:

What do you think about regifting?

I am against re-gifting. I can see the arguement that it is putting to good use a shitty gift, but you can also give it to the good will, or throw it away, and hurt no ones feelings.


Tayray said...

Depends on the gift of regifting. For example, I got a best buy gift card yesterday, and I have thought about giving it to my brother for Christmas. That's not bad. But if its a shitty gift and you just want to get rid of it, then that's wrong.

MzAriez said...

My mom once gave me a sweater. It was the ugliest thing I ever saw. It had doves and globes all over it. I kept it a year and then listed it on ebay. I guess it was a special sweater because I got $123 for it. I wanted to regift it, but something with that high of an ick factor rating can only be placed on ebay to find it's true place in the universe. Too bad she gave me another sweater the next year. I hope there is someone out in ebayland who loves alien ants crawling all over their sweater cause I got one.....lol!