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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Saturday Night Fever...

I had a blast Saturday night! It was my birthday celebration. First, me and CP went to his work Xmas party. It was at the Cathedral Buffet, I didn't see Ernest Angley though. Found out a guy works with him that I went to school with and he fathered an old friends child. Small world!

CP finished his shot list with the help of all my peeps. Tayray, Todd, Bethie, Brandon, Kat, and CP we're the party goer's. My one friend stood me up as she always does, even on my 30th....and Bubba was sick. Anyhoo...I think it was 100 shots total. Some of them sucked, some people took some for the team, some of us only drank the yummy ones!

The DJ missed us. We hadn't been in forever. He played Hung Up for me, Madonna. And Tayray had him play me 50 cent.....In Tha Club.....we gonna party like, it's your birthday..you know the one. Although, she also told him to announce it was my THIRTIETH birthday. Oh well. I've embraced it. He also played Pussy Control, Ditty, and Ice Ice Baby. It was all the fabulous 90's. Of course, the hula hoops came out. CP tried it a few times, so did Todd. Tayray seems to still be the reigning champ though. Bubba is pretty good at the neck hula.

Kat got him to play the vagina song lol. You know...I need to find a...new vagina...It totally rocked! As always we were the life of the bar, but you'll have that!

I do remember everything. Like, the fact that this guy my brother use to be friends with years ago was there for about an hour. He spotted us, he knew me and Kat so I know that he felt dumb and thats why he left. Why you might ask?

Oh....he only snuck into my moms room one night and lifted up the covers to see her in the buff! Classic! No one heard from him since then. Then, he shows up at our bar. I tried to call my brother but he wasn't around. That...would've been even funnier, if he showed up!

Gifts! Bethie got me the cutest purse that I switched to today, and a yummy candle that I'm burning in here to get rid of the rank rabbit stank. Their condo was especially disgusting this week with me being gone and not cleaning their litter out. They went wherever they wanted in there. STANK! Kat got me NARS Body Glow! Which, is this bronzing liquid that JLO and Jessica Simpson use, I'm totally like a celebrity now! I wanted that stuff since we saw it at the body shop, and she got it for me! She also got me these socks that say "It's All About Me" on them. And, the grand finally, a box of wine! Who doesn't love them a box of wine? Loves it!

The sign of a good night? The bar tab. Ours was $54. I think Bethie's was closer to $100. But we had fun, right?

I had so much fun with my friends. I'm lucky to have friends who like to kickit with me when I'm able...which isn't very often.... *can't. wait. to. quit. second. job.* We danced and laughed. I stole a poster from the bathroom for Bethie...I forgot to call and see if she liked it today like she did last night. LOL.

Tayray called today to see if I was hung over. I said no, that's the beauty of getting old. You learn your limits, and hangover cures. Mine, happens to be 2 tylenol, and a glass of water before bed. Of course, starting off with a good 'base' of dinner. And...knowing what alchohol to mix, or not mix. So there Tayray, laugh it up about us being old. I was up with a spring in my step today! Nevermind that my feet hurt from dancing. I still had a spring!

CP got me a sex on the beach, cus I made him promise to have sex with me on the beach. We had a nice night at home too, of celebration. Just like old times. The honeymoon isn't over yet. We're still in loooooove.

I'll post pic's later in the day. It's actually Sunday night. So, more like, tomorrow, but, today. Or, today is yesterday's tomorrow. Or, tomorrow is yesterday's today. Deep. That's me.


Anonymous said...

I hung in there Saturday night. I started drinking at 1 in the afternoon on Saturday and stayed up till the sun came up and did it all over again yesterday!! AND IM AT WORK TODAY!

hot for jr. said...

I think it's funny you ran into "the peeper" after so many years. I still can't believe he pulled something like that. I would have loved to see him slink out of the bar in shame.

bethie said...

good times! yeah the poster was nice the next day too but I threw it away. lol

Mon said...

anonymous, i suspect your also way younger than me. fucker.
jr It was the funniest thing ever. I know he felt dumb. He seemed to notice whenever the camera came out. He is probably wanted by the police for doing it to someone else!
bethie damn I coulda put him in my garage next to Orlando...I did take down my naked man out of respect for the man in my life. But Orlando Stays. He's clothed. With a dog. Girl porn and male porn is way different. LOL!