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Friday, December 02, 2005

I've Had My Morning Adrenaline...Have You?

Nothing starts your morning, more than thinking you are gonna die! I live on a steep hill, which i slid down this morning and had several seconds to think about how I was going to smash into the trees across the street and I turned out of it. Oh....did I mention I slid Sideways down the hill? Cus...I did! I think it MAY have snowed an inch, so that is totally uncalled for! All that NASCAR my family forces me to watch may have paid off. (but I doubt it..zzzzzz)

I GOT MY FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT TODAY! Second, if you include the happy birthday flyer I got from my second job. But Marlboro, the marketing geniuses they are, got me my present before my birthday. It kinda blows this year, a bottle opener that looks like a card. It's a gift so I shouldn't complain. I still havn't gotten the portable ashtray I sent away for from them, so, blame Marlboro if I put my butts out in the streets where I can maximize the piss off effect for others!

We're decorating 'the barn' today. I work in a barn. So? It is a lot of fun you get lunch, and everyone pitches in to decorate the trees and hang the garland. Some people make it their jobs to re-do everything you do, but what else are the holidays about?

Holidays. It's Christmas! Kids today don't get to do anything fun. Halloween is evil, and Christmas is a *gasp* religious holiday. And, it offends people, to use the word Christmas. I can understand not celebrating it (sorta) but, I still say Hanakuah (however its spelled Im too lazy to check today) and Kwanza. I don't think those words are unmentionable! I don't think they should or shouldn't let people observe THEM, so leave fucking Christmas alone! Personally I'm pretty sick of everyone being offended over everything. You can't say retarded, short, gay, stupid, under God, CHRISTMAS!!

Who decided that everything had to be so politically correct? Sure, we are all entitled to our opinions, but you shouldn't have the ability to stop others from using words they want to use. I really wish that I had nothing better to do than sit around and decide how to piss people off by not letting them use words and phrases!

I guarantee you, the next thing to go will be Santa. Cus, you really shouldn't lie to your kids like that, and it probably isn't fair for families who can't afford gifts (i sympathize with you) to have to pretend there is a Santa. (if you didn't know that I'm so sorry!!!!!!) Look for that to be next years dilemma. There will be a march, and a protest, cus people really have no lives!


At work? It was Poo. We (the CHRISTMAS committee) wanted to have a contest to count the snowman poop in a jar. Which, is mini marshmallows, we all know that. HR said, we might offend people using "Poo". I'm serious about this! We were told, that the word "Poo" (not even POOP) was offensive to some people. One girl asked who would be offended, and he decided he didn't want a part of the use of the word "Poo". It has to be the most retarded thing I have ever heard, so they went to the president to ask if we could say "Poo" and "Poo" it is!!!!!!

Now, the president was logical. HR was too wrapped up in offending people, who would you rather be? A person who actually thinks, or one who freaks out if you say poo?

I'll post pics of some of the decorations, it really is pretty when it's done. Our theme this year is 'Miracle on Third Street' (cus, we work on third street duh!) We have street signs at the hallways and intersections. I live on Eggnog avenue. I dunno what they are insinuating here...I don't drink eggnog! But they could have parked me on "Holiday Punch Drive". I loves the punch!

We're gonna have Miracle on 34th St playing all day downstairs. And contests, and prizes. It's great fun. Til someone goes and fucks it up for the rest of us and we won't be able to celebrate anymore. We have a Christmas dinner here too, with a choir. It's really a 'family' atmosphere.

We already got a vegeterian they hired who tries to make us all not eat the turkey cus she doesn't. We're not allowed to offend or exclude her, but she can do that to us, and thats....OK!

I feel bright and chipper aside from being dead tired and my entire body hurting from working out....and then...... working out!!! Sex with a divorced man was awesome! I just knew it would be!

I'm seriously tired of eating plain chicken. I want to vomit thinking about it. Turkey was ok, but I ran out. Yesterday I had only chicken. You need a variety! I need to eat something with flavor!
I'm thinking I might have pizza today. Sue me. I deserve an award for doing how well I did this week as it is, since I was on my period, and usually cannot control myself!

Today's Question:

What do you think about all this political correctness around Christmas? Is it 'holidays' or is it 'Christmas'? Should people just shut it?


Lindsey said...

I hope we have lots of meat at our dinner!! can't live with out me's meat also i think "poo" would be funny not offensive.

hot for jr. said...

If you don't believe in Christ, don't celebrate Christmas. If people don't want to hear 'under God', 'CHRISTmas', and such, LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!!!! No one said you have to stay. Go live in a country that celebrates what you believe in. The majority of AMERICANS believe in God and Christ, or a Higher Power so deal with the way things are in OUR country. I understand not saying things like 'retard', 'white trash', 'midget', those are offensive to almost everyone.If I lived in Israel where the majority of people are Jewish, I wouldn't insist they not celebrate Hanakuah because it's not what I believe in. Get a grip on reality people!!! This country was founded with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Leave if you don't like it!!!!!!!
My mom is a vegetarian and I'm not. I respect how she eats and don't try to force her to eat meat, but I enjoy the things that she eats. RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS!!! If the vegetarian at work keeps insisting you don't eat meat, shove a piece of meat in their face and try to force them to eat it. KARMA. You get what you give!!!
And Snowman Poo?? Give me a break. I think it's a cute idea.