"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Woe Is Me....

Almost Friday. Thank the good freaking lord above, it's almost Friday! I get off an hour early tomorrow but I cant go home cus I have to leave to go to work again. I'm making the long trek to get my rabbit food, and hay instead. It's a long haul, 30 min. I'm thinking this summer I might get a bale of hay, cus it's cheap and it would save going every other week to get it. I need to grow my own. I really miss the summer, with the free herbs! So do my bun buns!

I have no idea what I'm wearing New Year's but my guess is it's gonna be something I already have, cus we are broke, and I can't buy myself an outfit. But you work two jobs right? Yes, I do, but we're having money trouble, and by we I don't mean myself, but it directly affects me, and makes me not so happy...so we aren't gonna talk about it! I have to pay a lot of money this wknd and my two paychecks are GONE! Get paid on Friday broke on Saturday. Grand Opening...Grand Closing! I'm really fucking sick of it. I want to quit my second job. I fucking hate working 14 hours a day. Can you tell? I mean, I only bitch about it every day of my stinking life, it's not for shits and giggles, I really fucking hate it! I don't want to be brought down.

To top it all off, CP's brake line broke, and he tried to fix it and now it's worse, so he is down a vehicle on top of everything. His work let him take a van home last night, I don't think he knows how good he has it at that place at all. They are really nice, like my employer. They gave him a pay advance before too to fix his car. I dunno many places that do that.

I havn't gotten my hair done in 2 months. TWO months! Mind you, my roots are about 2 inches grown out, and I am sporting a pony tail today cus I can't do shit with it. I can't go until next Sat to get it done either! That is what I like to call, sacrifice! Going without something, to pay your bills, and have Christmas. I love my friends and family so much, I have shitty hair. I hope you all appreciate it! (kidding, kidding, but it's true!)

I'd like to congratulate Madonna....who is fast on her way to beating out ELVIS's world record with 36 number one records. One more, and she passes the king up! My mom will probably choke when she hears that, and say something about how he died too early.....when reality is, she is just 100 times better!!

.....Living in in a material world, and I am a material girl........

And, because when you're down you should find something good in life.......

My happy thought for the day will be......I'm not a stinking crack addict. If I were, I would be much worse off. So, thank you God for keeping me off the street drugs, and giving me parents who taught me responsibility. Work ethic. And, that weren't afraid to smack my ass even though I threatened to call child services if they did. Thank you Momma, for helping me when I was really down and out, and not before. Thank you for teaching me what it's like to not get everything I wanted. Making me get a job at 16 in order to have a car. Even though I thought it was bullshit! I am a responsible adult today for it!

Today's Question:

What did your parents teach you that you value most?

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MzAriez said...

My mom taught me to accept people, faults and all. It is probably the main reason I still talk to her after all she put me through.

Experience has taught me that putting space between me and people with certain faults is to my advantage. It is probably a primary reason I live in Minnesota when people I love are in Ohio. I will visit. LOL

Mon, I hope things start financially panning out for you. Things are a little bleak here too. Maybe 2006 is our year. I am counting down....graduation is in May. Keep your chin up and buy in bulk if you have room.

Shake your butt a little for me on
New Year's since I will be home with kids.

Take care.