"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let The Shopping...BEGIN! And END!...

The order of the day, is, shopping. I cannot for the life of me understand why I waited til this wknd to do my Christmas shopping. Oh, yes I can..I had no money! Paying my bills off, and living, and going on vacation. Yes, thats why! I am the girl you hate that always had her shopping done in November. I loved that! And, I'm never waiting again. The pressure I feel to perform today, is killing me! I HAVE to buy things. No, next weekend. No, next week, I am back to working 2 jobs on Tuesday.

However, I DO have 2 4 day weeks in a row, then it's the new year! I am off both jobs for 2 days! Heavenly Bliss!

Riding home last night, I realized, I didn't get my liscense tags. We go by birthdate here..so, I'm unofficially breaking the law. I feel that in my wise old age, this is a stupid thing to do! I have personalized plates though, and it costs $100. Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to wait until the end of the month. Hopefully if I get pulled over, they'll understand I have no time. I don't however, have to get a stupid fucking E check, since I live in a different county than everyone else. Guess living in BFE has its perks, huh?!

I had a fun note on the garage door from CP when I got home. Some instructions. He's romantic when he wants to be.

I just talked to Tayray. Her shindig was a good time. When we got there (it was a long, cold walk!) she was already realllllllly drunk! She kept forcing shots on me. In the span of 2 hours, I had 3 beers and 4 shots of crown. Plus some other stuff. I was messed up, but not too bad. CP left early so I came here to tuck him in, and I left out the back door. I thought my back door was open but it wasn't so I had to trek down the icy hill and slid down on my ass. I totally meant to do it, yea! I intended to go back over but I fell asleep with CP. He was warm and cuddly. I just love my new bed too!! I was suppose to go back over to Tayrays when CP fell asleep.

She asked if I came back over, cus she woke up with her male friend in a compromising position. I said uhhhhh no, thank God! She was happy too lol! She was really really in rare form last night. Bethie's husband gave me a special present that I'll cherish and make last! And Bubba got me a gift card for TARGET and a cute hello kitty wallet that she put it in. She's so creative. I can't wait to buy me something with it!

Back out again this evening for the official celebration. I really need a tan. I havn't gone in over a month. I'm pasty. Bleh. I also have to go to CP's work Xmas party tonight at the Cathedral Buffet. I've never been to it. I'm nervous about meeting people, cus that's how I am. I'll be glad when I can cut loose with my homies, get my drinkon, have some laughs, and cut a rug on the dance floor at the Bier Haus.

No mom, I'm NOT driving!

I took the cutest video of my bunny Chelsea playing with her slinky, I'm trying to adjust the lighting so I can post it. She picks it up and drops it and when she gets it fanned out in the classic slinky stance, she rubs her whiskered face back and forth over it like she is playing the harmonica. She is adorable! Bunnies love to play!


MzAriez said...

Hi there.

I'm back. I had to go back to catch up with you and all of your posts. Sounds like you been having fun.

Are you ready for Xmas?

Take care....

Mon said...

Hey glad your back! I am ready for Xmas now! I finished my shopping! Woo hoo! Bring it on!

Tayray said...

Friday and Saturday were both good nights. I plead the 5th about being realllllllly fucked up Friday night!