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Friday, December 23, 2005

And Now...Your Serving of Useless Gossip!...

So, the new neighbors are moving in. Technically their Tayray's neighbors but there is only 4 apartments in our building. I got home last night, and someone pulled up beside me in front of Tayray's garage. I'm staring at them thinking it was Tayray cus she was coming over to get online. They went into the neighbors house. Yet, they parked their inconsiderate asses in front of Tayray's garage!!! I dunno about you all, but that is just fucking rude! What if she wanted to leave? What if she wasn't home? Our parking lot is like a turnaround so there isn't much parking but c'mon! I called her and she knew why I was calling, she was pissed too.

I trotted my butt upstairs and made myself a sign that says NO PARKING PLEASE and posted it on my garage door! Back off bitches! Let some mother fucker park in front of MY garage! We all know how protective I am over my garage!!

So, I'm getting my bath and Tayray called and said the cops were at the neighbor's house. This is great. We already think their drug dealers. LOL! I think she moved in yesterday? Their corrupting our quiet little neighborhood! Will it be safe to walk in the streets? Can we leave our doors unlocked (accidentally I know I'm dumb!) without the fear of being robbed and murdered? Will they steal little Billy to sell her for her fur to the chinese, so that they can score some blow? I mean, there goes the freaking neighborhood!

So I did what anyone else would do. I got out of the tub and turned out the lights, and well, snooped! I havn't had this much fun being nosey, since we use to spy on Katie's gay neighbors at her moms house! Those were some good times man!

Heres something weird. My friend Cathy called me. From Florida. Why is it weird? Only cus I emailed her today for the first time in like almost a year, and she called me. She works in the car, so it's weird ok? Take my word for it. It's fun to have exciting news when you talk to someone you havn't talked to in a while. (Duh, I got engaged!!)

CP had a night job. He said he might get cookies. I said 'where ya goin?' cus our family friend owns a restaurant and gives out cookies to all the customers. Turns out, thats where he was going. It's a small world! Poor CP had another threat...better treat her good or else....it's so nice to be loved!

I'm working on changing my blog look. I'm bored with it. That is the wknd project. If you don't like it, tough shit!!

Today's Question:

Ever spy on the neighbors?


Anonymous said...

Im spying on the neighbors now, I have to watch out for myself. I dunno what the hell is going on over there, but something odd is.
Park in front of my garage one more time, and they will be sorry.. I aint dealing with that shit for four more months!

Anonymous said...

I am the queer of apying in general and who is better to spy on then your neighbors. My mom and dad's neighbors have toned it down a lot so there isn't to much going on!