"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sleigh Rides and Skanky Meat....

I bring you my stats for the Holiday season:

Stocking Status Report: Nothing
Desk Gift Report: Nothing
Party Invites: 1 (company luncheon)
So Yesterday I went to a craft show with Kat and her mom. We had a blast as usual. I always laugh my ass off with Kat, and it's refreshing!

Kats Gma gave me some of those stretch gloves, that she crocheted some kind of lace on the bottom of. They are really funny. She also made a scarf and gave me one, I said I'll wear it! And, I will. I'm ever the trend setter!

The topic of the day was 'skanky meat'. We were hungry so we bought these little baggies of cheese, and they have some kind of chopped up meat, trail bologna or something in there too. Something round and meat-like, which are 2 things I don't put in my mouth. (and chew up and digest) TWDSO always said I didn't like anything penis shaped. I think it was just his penis, but who's counting?

I told Kat I wasn't eating the skanky meat. I tied the baggie to her purse, and she tied it to her moms. She carried the skanky meat around the whole show. It looked like a stretched out nutsack.

I did well I got some gifts, and myself only 1 thing. Yay me. It only cost me 1.50 too! Kat tried to push me down again and wouldn't let me drink out of the fountain in peace.

I tossed my used toilet paper at Kat. Hey, she threw TP at me first. Granted, it wasn't used, but that's not the point! We find the stupidest things to be hilarious, I think only we truely get each other.

After the show we went to West Point Market, its a ritzy place for people with money if you ask me. We went for lunch, and to have tea. I got a $7.50 turkey sandwich. It was turkey, and provolone cheese. For, $7.50. I could've gotten a market fresh sandwich from Arby's for cheaper, and it would've come with a drink and curly fries!

Rich people throw their money away on the stupidest things! You could've had free water with lemon but they had evian water. Gay!

They had sleigh rides going on there. It was romantic. I was jealous! The horses were so pretty, huge, white, and their straps were all covered in jingle bells. I always feel bad for those poor horses lugging around so many people. I couldn't enjoy my tour in Charleston because I was too busy feeling sorry that the horse was carting around 10 people! I think my cart was pulled by asses though, literally. Their still just as cute!

Anyways....we went to Mrs. Ticklemore's Tea Room , and it was really funny they have hats for you to put on for the experience. We tried on different hats and waited to be seated. I wore a pink 'spanky' hat for a while. I couldn't believe I forgot my camera.

It's a tea room. Like, a real english tea experience, they had the cute china, little pots, the works.....and there was a party of screaming kids in this place. Kids do not belong. Only rich people, would have their 5 year olds birthday party at a tea room.
We left after we were seated. You didn't want to see what would've happened had we all stayed there with the kids. Not pretty!

So we walked around and had free samples. I think me and Kat had like 6 cups of mulled cider, it was the fucking bomb! I asked her if it would get us drunk. WTF do I know? Not much! Ha ha! I really don't think we needed it because we were acting fools as it was. I smashed a lot of marzipan. Sometimes I'm destructive!

Yesterday, I couldn't get enough of CP. I can't stand that feeling. I'm so happy I want to cry cus I can't get any happier? I wanna squeeze him til his little head pops off? I dunno how to explain it, but it annoys me. It's nice, but beyond my control, I enjoy controlling things.

My mom and sister are 'making me' open my gifts this wknd. I'm all for opening presents, but I wanna have some gifts ON Christmas!!! CP said we're having Xmas after Xmas. So, Santa isn't coming to my house this year. How depressing is that? (yea, I know lots of people don't have Xmas cus their poor, but that's not us!) I want to wait to open their gifts but my mom said "we decided we paid for the damn things, we want to see you open them"

I was shot down twice by my fiance. You figure it out! Shocking!

Today's Question:

What is the hardest secret youve ever had to keep?

Carrying out a covert op one night in June. And not being able to shout it from the rooftops. Those involved in said covert op, know what I mean. Over and out.

9 days til my birthday. ugh.


Tayray said...

Now if I told you, it wouldnt be a secret anymore!!!

bethie said...

Roger that! it's a secret for a reason and i know what you did last summer...haha you don't have to keep it a secret anymore

Mon said...

Bethie, that was classic! I know what you did last summer too! Err, what you didn't do!