"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, December 12, 2005

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

We're leaving. It's depressing. We'll get on the road around 5. I have to work at the second job Tuesday at 5. I can hardly wait. I'll be so sad when I leave.

I got my comforter yesterday. It ended up being $114, Momma had to charge it for me and I wrote her a check. Assholes, had the sale sign wayyyyy down from where the items on sale were. It was $50 off, but no $60 dolla! But, its stain resistant, comes with pillow shams, and a new dust ruffle. I can't wait to make up my new bed. I got bed risers, and new sheets! I'll also be happy to see the babies. I know they miss me like I miss them. It's so hard to leave them. If I remotely liked children, I expect it would be harder, cus they can lay guilt trips. "Please don't leave me moooooommy". It would break my heart. Hm. Reason number 234,570,460,983,469 not to have children. I'll remember that!

Speaking of, of course Momma had to ask CP if she was going to get any grandbabies out of me! Let it rest you have 7 from me already. And that is a lot!

We saw the xmas lights on the beach last night. It was really neat to be at the ocean and see Xmas lights. Like a whole new world to us Ohioans! They have lights on the beach, and at the hotels, and you drive down the boardwalk and ooh and ahhh. My sister wouldn't get gas before we went so we thought we were going to be stranded in line at the Xmas lights! You could seethem on a horse and carriage too, isn't that romannnnnntic?

We played scattergories, which was kinda hard. Me and CP kicked ASSSSSS at pictionary. Was there any doubt? I think not.

I forgot to mention that my Momma is a trash picker. She tried to feed us apples she found in the trash at work. "There's nothing wrong with them" she said. Yea, except for the fact that you got them out of the trash. She cut them up finally with new apples in an effort to confuse us. CP fell for it but I didn't.

I made the rounds, picking out what I would steal from my mom and sis before I leave. They put a note on a sheep that says hands off me. Sheesh, you'd think I take everything they own or something! They won't let me have nothin!

CP is saying goodbye to his girlfriend at the 7 11. I think he had it going on with her cus it was his second home when we were here. Went a few times a day. MMMM HMMM! I think he knows better...

I'm gonna go back to sleep for a little bit. I bet that sucks for people who are at work right now. I'll have sweet dreams for you!


mommamule said...

it is hard for momma and sissy to have her leave us too. It is so lonely when family leaves you. Was good to have them here. We had a lot of laughs. She tried to take not only our possessions but tried to persuade one of Bernices cats to go for a long ride to Ohio also. Bernice wanted Lauren from work to meet the blogger in person but it was hard to know when we would be in. Tis the season to shop you know.

The Lyrics Man said...

Ok, I did not have a GF at the 7-11 (unless you count coffee, one of my main loves). But everyday the same lady was working behind the counter and being an extrovert I struck up a conversation everyday. Plus, I do know better. I value my life and possessions too much to risk the wrath of Mon. And I value her more then that.