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Monday, December 05, 2005

It's All About Muzak!...

I found this on This blog. It was a lot of fun! Take it and do it for yourself! Brings back good memories!

Favorite Song from Childhood: Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard, always reminds me of roller skating!! "Poison" By Alice Cooper. I knew every word

If you could sing like ANY WOMAN, who would it be and why?: Xtina Aquilera has some pipes!

MAN?: Edwin McCain, cus he gives me gooooooosebumps!

Favorite Music Show from the past: Puttin on the hits! I think thats what it was called, where you lip synched to songs. p-p-p-puttin on the hiiiits!

Favorite Musical: Jesus Christ Superstar. I know all the words. I use to steal my moms record to listen to. And watched each Easter! Second fave only cus of Madonna....Evita. But I loved Jesus Christ Superstar from when I was a kid, to now.

Favorite Rolling Stones Song: I see a red door and I want to paint it blaaaack.....(stir of echos...creepy!)

Favorite Blues Song: Well Edwin belt's the blues, in "One Thing Left To Do" I do not know any 'blues' blues.

Favorite Prince Song: "PUSSY CONTROL" hands down! (close second is When Doves Cry)

Favorite Led Zepplin Song: who? lol, dont know any off hand! I don't think I did Zepplin!

Favorite Disco Jam: "I will Survive" Gloria Gainer?

Current rap Song that makes you dance every time: "Disco Inferno" 50 Cent! or "My Humps" Black Eyed Peas.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure CD that you could find at any garage sale: Styx Greatest hits! Who doesn't like Mr. Roboto?

Ballad that gets to you every time: Think Twice - Celine Dion

CD that most reminds you of High School: MTV Party to go CD's
Back 2 Da Hotel, Rump Shaker, you get the picture!

Favorite Country song: From my country days, "Strawberry Wine" Deanna Carter? (who also sings this classic song that totally reminded me of my ex husband!)

Favorite Classic Rock Song: Um, err, classic rock? "smokin in the boyz room" Motley Crue. According to bowling for soup, Motley Crue IS classic rock now!

Favorite Wedding Jam: I despise the gay shit they play at weddings. So I pick the chicken dance, cus at least you can laugh at people when they do it!

1st Dance at your wedding, or what you want it to be: the first time...it was "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion (sang by my then-friend) But I'd like it to be THIS TIME "I'll Be" By Edwin McCain. I'm out-voted by CP on this one, but since it's my blog, it doesn't matter what he says, right?

Favorite Michael Jackson Song: Oh I loved Smooth Criminal! Annie are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

Song you most recently downloaded and why: I can't download shit, but if I could, I'd want to download hard knock life by Jay Z cus I got the ringer on my celly, and someone sold my CD (wonder who?) Or that song CP can't find for me, 'Unsent' by Alanis! LOVES IT!

Biggest Break-Up Song: "Love Hurts" By Nazereth! God, I recorded this song, over, and over and over on an entire side of a tape so I could cry un-interrupted, without having to press rewind! DF that bastard broke my heart into a billion peices, a billion times. Then...I MARRIED HIM!

High School Graduation Song: "End of the Road" Boyz II Men (I know you guys will correct me if I'm wrong, but I know it WAS Boyz II Men!)

CD from Highschool that you still listen to and jam out to: Madonna - Like a Prayer.

Favorite Holiday/Christmas Song: "Little St. Nick"....THE MUPPETS! (run run reindeer!!!!) Or O Holy Night. (If someone GOOD sings it!)

Favorite Beatles Song: The Beatles who? Did they sing "Imagine?" Cus I like that one!

Favorite Mindless Jam: "Yummy Down On This" by Bloodhound Gang, cus I just heard it in the car. It's all about suckin' tha dick mkay? LOL!

Favorite Song to have Sex to: Only time I remember music while having sex, was with my friend's boyfriend's brother (gee I wonder who that is?) and it was "Big Poppa" By Biggie Smalls. Thus, every time the song is on I think of that fucknut! But having sex w/diff people to the same song is the shit skank whores do. That, I am not.

Favorite Janet Jackson Song: "What have you done for me latley?" ohhhhhhh yea

Song that you love that you would have jammed out to at Woodstock: This is hard! I don't even know who was at woodstock! Was my momma even alive then?

Favorite Billy Joel Song: "Only The Good Die Young" followed by "Always a Woman"

Favorite U2 Song: "Beautiful Day"

Most Bizarre Make-out Song: The only make out music I remember from my day, was Jodeci, and KCi and Jo Jo. And, it's not bizarre at all.

Favorite Hair band Song: "Talk Dirty To Me" Poison.

**Favorite Madonna Song: how hard is this?? FREAKING HARD! "Rain" from the 90's - "Crazy for You" from the 80's and "I deserve it" from the millenium!( It was easier to favorite from a decade!)

Favorite Aerosmith Song: "Cryin"

Most embarrassing song on your ipod: I don't have an ipod =( I'm always last with technology. Ask me next century, I might have one then.

Favorite Tom Petty Song: "Last Dance with Mary Jane" of course!

Favorite 80's Ballad: LOVE BITES! Def Lepard! When you make love.....do you look in the mirror... ugh, classic! Takes me back! Waaaaaaay back!

First Album: Who knows, I got hand me downs of everything. So If i say 'Puff the Magic Dragon" someone could just say it was theirs and not mine. So, I'll go with Madonna, Madonna. It's the first one I bought myself.

If my mom knew I know every word to BLANK, she would disown me: Puh-leez like my mom would ever disown me cus I heard some filfthy words. That's what she gets from not letting me see Purple Rain!! Shelter a kid and they wind up like me! Probably "Lil Bit" 50 cent might make her say my name like I shouldnt listen to it....(clothes off, face down, ass up, c'mon...)

Favorite Children's Song: Great Green Globs of greasy grimey gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, little birdies dirty feet, french fried eyeballs rolling down the dirty street and I forgot my spooooon.....

I can't get out of my head right now: "If you were mine" Marcus Hernandez

Favorite Local College Band: Local, not college, "Suspect" Check em out!

Last song I listened to: "Hung Up" Madonna, cuz it jamzz!

Favorite Bitch Song: "Bitch"! Meredith Brooks! Or, "Criminal", Fiona Apple...

As a kid, I was most likely shaking me ass to: Bell Biv Devoe!

Favorite "Dark Song": "Mudshovel" by Staind. That was my life. And, it totally Rocksssssssss!

1st chaperoned concert: Garth Brooks, I didn't ask to go my mom MADE me!

1st unchaperoned concert: Either Meatloaf or Travis Tritt (Katie prob remembers both were w/her)

Most Fun Concert Ever: Rolling Rock Town Fair 2.0 baking in the sun and all! (me and Bethie used TWDSO for a shade tree, we totally did! ha ha ha)

Wish I had written BLANK because: O.P.P. - Naughty By Nature, cus it sparked a revolution, and I'm all about revolutions!

I will always buy tickets to see BLANK in concert: EDWIN MCCAIN! DUHHHHHHH! (this would be madonna if they werent 150 per ticket!)

I would sleep with BLANK, just to hear their smooth, sexy singing voice: Ummmm, Edwin? Cus, um, he's EDWIN, and he wouldn't need to speak a word and I'd be the one singing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Concert I went to: 50 cent!

Biggest inspirational song: "Free Fallin" Tom Petty(i think) (cus of jerry mcguire, I always scream it like he does...) or "here I go again" Whitesnake.

Sexiest Song: Well it makes me think about sex..."Feenin'" by Jodeci

My parents used to love BLANK, and now I love them too: uhhhh huh-huh.

Just because: "Girls" Beastie Boys (bubba knows why!)

**While looking for Madonna lyrics online, a bunch of fucknuts have "Sanctuary" from 'Bedtime Stories' listed as lyrics to "Rain". Get with the program assholes, cus 'rain' is in the song doesn't make it the great song which IS rain! This has been brought to you by someone who spends too much time on the internet, and knows too much about Madonna.


Anonymous said...

Girl this is hands down one of my favorite posts to the blog. Take me back Girl Take me back!!

It was Travis Tritt I believe that is why you kept a journal and I didn't.

Still love the Big Poppa Song


bethie said...

That was really fun to read! Thanks for giving props to Suspect! They do rock! And cool it on the whole 'bob's thing. I knew people would hate me! It's not my fault. TWDSO did make a good shade tree! That's about the only thing he was good for.LOL