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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hello Computer....

I have been so out of the entertainment news lately cus I havn't read my last 3 Entertainment Weekly's. No time to read. Blah Blah, no life, Blah, no past times, blah, exercise eck, life, poo, you get the picture. It blows!

Anyhow! I have seen the future of television...and it is good!! They made this nifty new TiVo that will come with software, to hook up to your computer!! They talk! You can download stuff from your computer, to TiVo and watch it. This is some serious Jetson's shit right here!
And, you can send stuff from TiVo to the computer and share it with others!
Hello Computer, I'm Tivo. Hello Tivo, I'm computer! Let's make magical television dreams come true together!

And, network television is also coming in with some changes. Soon, they are offering 'on demand' programming, like is available now on TiVo and DVR. So, you can for instance order an episode of The Office for 99 cents. They say they are now starting to include DVR in neilson ratings, since everyone records their shows, and time slots will become less and less important.

One of the perks of this is, no commercials at all. They wont even need to be fast forwarded. The bad part? Product placement, which I've seen on 'Passions' a lot. (so sometimes i watch that dumb soap, its FUNNY!) Oh, look at me use my brilliant brunette shampoo! GAY!

The future of TV sets is they say they are going to go more towards interactive menus, like, searching for shows by key words, or actors. Oh......you mean, like TIVO does already? He finds me my Tom Green no matter where he is, and my Edwin McCain, and Paris Hilton. Oh my wish list is long. I don't ask for much! Catch up dumbfucks!!!!!! Been there, done that!

Can I say that I've got PMS and today I hate everything that is me? Ok, I think I just did!

This was hilarious:

Good news: Mary-kate Olsen gained 20 pounds. Bad news: Ashley Olsen is missing.

This is even funnier:

I'm listening to the radio, it is Dec. 22, this guy said he hasn't eaten since August. 4 months with no food wouldn't that kill you?

Today's Merry Christmas is brought to you by:
The bitch at my second job who wears the white Britney Spears hat.
Last night crazy cane guy had his shoes off and his feet smell like ass. He doesn't get in trouble cus he wears slippers. His slippers have huge holes in them, letting the stank escape. Ok, he was jamming out too loud to his music and bitch POUNDED on his desk and told him to turn it down because she couldnt hear her headphones over his.

He's 'special' crazy, but 'special'. Guess Santa didn't get her nothin this year! Bitch!

Today's Question:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I think scientifically the rate of chucking wood as per the ratio of the woodchucks teeth is roughly 2.6 squar inches per second, so therefore in an hour a woodchuck could theoretically (sp?) chuck 3 feet of wood per hour if said woodchuck chucked wood continuously, with no breaks.

(of course this is bullshit)


Anonymous said...

You know how I knew the woodchuck thing was bullshit? Because it involved math and you don't do make. Nice theory anyway!!


Mon said...

LOL! yea, math is harrrrrd mkay?