"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Year In Review...

GOODBYE 2005!!!!!

This has definately been an incredible year! Fast! Amazing! It flew by!! I worked away an entire year of my life, and still managed to have a bit of a life in there somewhere! For someone who hates, and fears change, I have survived several! Some of them were even my choice! Can you dig it?

I give a shout out to Bubba, who, at the beginning of last year, when both of our long relationships ended said we would be engaged by Christmas. I really thought you were full of shit, but in reality you just might be on to something. If you can harness that talent, you can be the next John Edward and never worry about money again!! (and give me free psychic readings...of course)

The year went so fast that I actually had to sit and ponder to make this list up. You forget a lot! Lots of changes, and for someone who fears change, I think I did pretty damn good! Remember when your mom use to say "don't wish away your life, one day you'll be sorry" cus you wished a school year to end, your next birthday to come, or to turn 16, 18, 21, 25......? Now, that your older, you realize, God DAMN time goes fast doesn't it?

So, this year My accomplishments (which includes changes which are an accomplishment to ME!) are:

Broke off a 4 year relationship
Got approved for a mtg. loan!
Moved out into a kick-ass apartment!
Proved to myself that I am in fact, Strong.
Found out I can make it on my own, without financial help
Realized that friends really do pick you up when you are down
Worked 2 jobs for an entire year
Bought my own TiVo (proud accomplishment!)
Learned HTML Programming
Paid off my very own washer/dryer
Met, fell in love with, and got engaged to CP
Bought a digital camera (welcome to the millenium!)
Got my very own brand new 32" TV (and paid cash, cha ching!)
Got my very own brand new DVD player (and paid cash, cha ching!)
Earned my 5th year of perfect attendance!
Earned my 6th year on the job. (longest ever in one place! Yay me!)
Got a decent raise
Lost a Bunny (R.I.P. Bitsy!)
Adopted a new bunny! (Welcome home Chelsea!)
Turned 30!
Have my own garage
Went an entire year, without using cash advance, not even once! (huge accomplishment since I've been in and out for about 6 years!)
Lost 28lbs...(still holding.....)

....And, my last statement for the list is, I popped up in yahoo when searched 'girls who fuck and suck in barberton'.....When have I ever talked about fucking and sucking? Well, in THOSE terms? I work in Barberton. I've never mentioned that before ever in my blog. Just 'btown'. The things people come up with! I feel violated, and dirty!!!

I look forward to the new year. I will have a lot more accomplishments, because I will have someone who believes in me! And loves me and my 7 kids! Mom said I'd be lucky to find someone who loved my kids! Guess I'm lucky! And Speaking of my kids, my cats now have a webpage at catster. It's like myspace for cats. It rocks! Fizzgig started a blog herself. I bet they talk shit about me!

Today's Question:

Care to share any of YOUR resolutions??

My resolutions, made here for all to see and remind me if I don't attain them....are:
1)Pay off credit card, at least 1.
2)Save up a minimum of $1,000
3)Join 401K
4)Quit second job when 1-3 are accomplished
5)Get married
6) Honeymoon at a beach so CP can fulfill his promise to me...wink wink....


Tayray said...

Im keeping my resolution to myself this year, but I'll let ya know if it comes thru.

Mon said...

tayray i think thats called a wish...not a resolution. you cant tell us a wish or it wont come true!

hot for jr. said...

I watched a bit of television this morning while getting dressed, and there was some lady on one of the morning shows talking about why New Years Resolutions fail. She said we need to make a resolution to accept ourselves the way we are, or learn to accept ourselves. We sometimes set unreachable goals and become disappointed in ourselves when they are not met. That said, it is my resolution to make some small changes in my lifestyle and try to accept myself for who I am. I'll try to do whatever it takes to accept myself. I think that may be harder to do!!

MzAriez said...

Sorry. I guess I want to try to reach.

I still want to continue my weightloss program with the buddy. I'm 11 down and creeping forward.

I want to overhaul the food lifestyle in our house. I control that so when the money starts flowing, so will the veggies in the frig.

I want to move my butt everyday even if its only floor laps around the building. I love stickers and charts so I am will get busy on this. The rewards program is already in place.

I want to spend time with my best friend this year. We recharge each other's battery. If things work out, I'll be in Ohio in March for Spring Break. If I get the job (still waiting to hear), I will also be there in July and August.

I think thats reasonable...lol!