"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back To The Salt Mines.....

I'm back to work. It's a joyous occassion. It's negative 5 today with the wind chill.

I had a bag of snowman poop on my desk too. I'm pretty fucking offended. POOP! Someone, wants me to believe, these marshmallowas are SNOWMAN POOP! And what's worse, they expect me to eat it! Then, count the snowman turds in a jar? I think not! I don't think I've ever been so offended in my entire life!!!

Someone, went ahead and put the 'p' on poop. Someone has got some freaking balls, to go above management dammit, and now, I'm going to put a comment in the comment box and start some shit! I can't believe the nerve of some people! Funny thing is, I bet someone really DOES complain! Some people are just assholes with no sense of fun!

I also got my $50 gift card to Applebees and chocolates from our printer. Year before last, one of my cards hadn't been activated, and he gave me $50 in cash. I'm telling you, he's the nicest guy. Puts up with all our companies crap too.

What else did I get? Oh, a potted succulant plant arrangement (that's industry talk, figure it out on your own)spiced tea, Kitties got some pounce, a cat shirt, cosmetic bag. I won one day in the holiday contest, $5 to McDonalds. I rule. I got the arch card. You all suck. (unless you got one too I spose!)

I just heard a rumor (from Tayray) that we get off work at noon this Friday. If this is true, I'm taking off at my second job, cus how bad does that suck to get home and have to turn around to work in 3 hours? I also heard, we get off at 3pm the Friday following that. Normally, they make us wonder and wait around forever on the day to 'see if we can leave'. This is progress for our little company! It's up to our mgr, and I'm pretty sure she'll let us go, cus our mgr rocks!

Can Christmas come and go already, so I can stop eating food again? God, I have ate so much crap and not enough water and my skin is suffering for it. Bad me! You're 30 now, must take special care of our old selves!

Attention Reality junkies! Forever Eden has started on Reality Network! Oh, you all remember the show. The one they lied to us about being on "FOREVER........." and then they canceled it with not another word. I havn't seen any 'why's' or 'how's yet. Just that the people said they were also misled to believe it could go on forever. Assholes! That was some good drama! Who knows who ever won. I'll keep you posted, as there's behind the scenes, and interviews of the people on the network. Reality Network rules.

And, speaking of ruling, so does this stuff! What a lazy society we have become, but I love it! No man can say he doesn't do toilets again!

Today's Question:

What aspect of your reputation is least deserved?

Hmmm...I think I come off as bitchy, and unapproachable, cus I'm shy with new people. I got that a lot in high school, and I think still, cus people still don't really talk to me first. I'm a nice gal! talk to me!


hot for jr. said...

I think you ARE bitchy and unapproachable. Don't make excuses for yourself! LOL
It must run in the family, because I think I come off the same way until you get to know me. I'm quiet and standoffish at first.

Tayray said...

I've been told before that I am quiet. I maybe quiet at first, but once I know you and you know me, you cant get me to shut up!!