"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Take 2 Of These And Call Me In The Morning....

So, I kicked 30's ass. I won, by a landslide! I even beat it on death's door.

For my birthday, I slept the entire day. And, I was still tired. I am sick as a dog. My eyes are swollen and I want to pop them out of my head to releive the pain. I have shits so bad that on my 30th birthday I had to squash my own crap with a toilet brush to unclog the toilet. I have no plunger. I have bloody snot, and an upset stomach. I am suppose to get my party on this wknd, so I better shape up!

I had to work at job 2 last night. I went in my grubby clothes I slept in, and didn't fix my hair. Most people wear their pajamas, so I still didn't look the worst. CP came in at like 6, he just tapped me on the shoulder. I said "I thought you were going home to bed?" He said he just got off work and stopped in to have a break with me, so I got my coat on and he directed me into the break room where there were people waiting for me.

He got me a cake! And candles that said '30'. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and we had cake. I told him earlier in the week that I hadn't had a cake in years, and he got me one. He really surpised me. He's the best!

I had to go to the store to get stuff to make peanut butter pies for work tomorrow. I am going in for our marketing luncheon. I missed the company lunch but sleep was much better. I also have to go to some fish store and get a gift card for the guy whose name I drew in the gift exchange. He wanted some fancy fishing stuff, so I'm just opting for the card. I feel like hell. Shopping doesn't excite me.

I didn't get any birthday action, no 7 days of bliss as I had anticipated. I'm blaming it on vacation with family, and being sick. Certainly not cus now I'm 30.

I really miss my momma and sis. I dunno why they don't suck it up and move home! We got a nice big affordable apartment in the building, waiting for some cool people to move into!

I cleaned the kitchen and the carpets on my birthday. And, it didn't really bother me. God, I am getting old!!!

(I've been slacking on questions cus I am not feeling creative)


Tayray said...

How cute of CP to get you a cake!!!
You didnt share your cake with Glasses did you?? ha ha just joking! Im moving in April, so they can have my apartment.
You better get better, cuz this weekeend is a non stop party. You may be 30, but your gonna feel like your 21 this weekend.

Celina said...

Happy-Happy Birthday!
Great Posts (the last 2)! They really give a lot of insight to your personality! I'll be 25 in May, and I think a post like this would really be fun! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Party Weekend!!
*cheers* to the big 3-0!!

bethie said...

that was sweet of cp! what a guy!