"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

At Least I Like Cats!....

I'm gonna be sharing food with the cats soon. So, good thing I like them, and won't mind getting down to slam some 9 Lives with 'em!

At work, they froze our pensions back in 2003. I have no form of retirement, I started working my job in 1999. They had a pension plan for us back then after 5 years.

This sucks because they encouraged us to join 401k, but they didn't match us at all on it, and you had to pick how to invest your money.

Ummm, invest? ....Stocks?,.........errrrrr, percentages?!!! Multiplication? Payroll deduction? Tax Exempt? Gains? Losses? Aggressive investing?!!! My head hurts! That is math, and we all know, I don't know JACK about math. (that's what computer's are made for, to think FOR you) I decided I'd save up $500 and buy an IRA or something. That never happened.

So, I earned $59 for my retirement before the freeze. I have no idea what I will do with all of that money!

I also, cannot retire until 2041 at the earliest. Why they felt the need to depress us by telling us that shit I'll never know.

The only good thing? My company is going to mach 1/2 of our 401K now. Half of what we invest, not match!

So, I'll be working until I am decrepit. And even then, I'm going to be eating 39 cent cans of 9 lives. (well I'm sure by then the price of horse meat will go up and I'll be paying 89 cents per can! Better yet - Wal Mart will buy exclusive rights to sell 9 lives, and I will have to eat horses raised over-seas with some kind of gross horse intestinal disease, and die before I get to enjoy that $59 I earned in my retirement fund!)

I surely hope CP lands the lotto, or job of a lifetime, cus I certainly can't support myself at retirement, let alone both of us. Who am I kidding, that marry a rich man ship has sailed!! He told me to take what $ I need from him to get him something to retire with. He really doesn't worry about it! I think about it all the time!!! I'm not having kids, who will support me besides me? I think I'm going to cry now!

What is wrong with the world today? Where do I start? I think I am the one who was slinging those tacos since I was 16. (and 17, and 18, and 19, and 23, and 24!) Working 2 jobs more than once in my lifetime (and I'm sure there will be more times in the future) Why does the government get to use my freaking earnings and then tell me that one day they won't be there for me. HUH?

Hello? I'd love to see those assholes work at Taco Bell! They'd cry like little bitches! (I spent plenty of nights crying over the drive thru!) Now, I have to pay taxes to the place I live, even though it isn't a city. I leave what taxes come out to um, my employer, cus thats like, their freaking job. So, I have to pay the city I work in....annnnnnnnd pay extra taxes to live there. Isn't that special? Did I mention I rent a friggin' apartment? Ooooooohk!??

I really have no idea how people have kids!(or why for that matter) Especially single moms! I can't support myself, and I make good money, at one job! And I got 2! I really dont have bills, but a car, and 2 credit cards. Kids? School? Needs? Gas? Food? Ummmmm......???? I spend all my money on my kids as it is, and they don't get to go along to the store with me and whine and cry. "BUY ME SOMETHINNNNNNNN!!!!!!" (if they could they would, with their cute furry faces, and I would cave cus their not brats!)

Then, they decide they are going to move that stupid fuck smoking ban to my county! (well the county where I spend most of my time, I live in a different county) Let me kill my liver with alchhol, pay even MORE taxes to my community..., but I better not light up a GD cigarette!!!

I really need to be the president. A woman, is what this country needs!!! Why didn't I spend more time paying attention in my classes? Join student council? Ah, that's right, I was too busy working, cus I had to start being a productive citizen at 16!

The reality? I'll be working until my artheritis is so bad I can only hunt and peck on the keyboard. Then I'll get canned from my second job cus I cant type fast enough, which at that time I'll have been there 40 years. (let's face it, I'll still be working 2 jobs then too). Maybe I'll afford a motorized wheelchair since I'll likely be on oxygen, and weigh 600 lbs cus I can't leave the house and smoke in peace, so I'll stay home and eat and smoke. And have no time to exercise, so I'll sit on my fat ass all the time! I say that because I can't afford health care, so I might as well smoke myself to death.

They raised our health insurance, 30 a month. Why? People are using it too much. God forbid, you use your health insurance. Too many people got sick this year. I'm not even making this shit up, they literally said that in our letter, informing us of the change. So now, we have to worry about using it too much cus we have to raise the premiums! 30 a month! My raise this year? GONE! It's like it never happened!

I seriously feel like a hamster running in its wheel. *Furiously intent on getting 'somewhere' but in fact, getting 'nowhere'. But yet, I keep trying, cus I guess I don't know any better.

Thinking about the future, really puts a damper on life!

I have a meeting today to think more about my retirement, and get even more depressed!

(CP's blog is listed now in my favorites..he only has 1 post but visit him and make him feel special!)

Today's Question:

Are you prepared for your retirement??

Read my post. I'm totally eating cat food when I'm old!

*For Tayray, I couldn't decide if I should use the definition, then I thought, Tayray knows furious! (I hope!) lol.


Tayray said...

Hell no I aint prepared for my retirement at all. I do have a 401K plan, but I dont know anything about it. I will probally never retire, I'll be so old I'll die at work.
And yes thank you Mon, I know what that word means!!

bethie said...

Nope I'm not prepared either because I never got into the 401 K think either. What a crock of shit! But I'm starting today at the 10:30 meeting. Hopefully Kearsey will take care of her ma ma and da da. She's going to be a brain surgeon you know?

Mon said...

ask her not to let auntie monica be eaten by her cats when she is old and decrepit too since she'll be so rich!!

Anonymous said...

Best recommendation is get you a government job!! I have to work for 35 years (only 30 left cuz I have already slaved away 5 of them) but I will get 89% of my salary when I retire. I also don't pay into Social Security because I can't withdrawal to govt. pensions at once. Now let's pray that I get my huge amount of debt from being a Stay at Home Mom paid off by the time I retire and they don't change the system and I will be sitting pretty. Government Job that is the way to go just ask the hundreds of lazy asses that I worked with and they will tell you.


Mon said...

Katie: Let us think back on all the times you tried to get me a job with you...the countless tests and interviews. I even tried to work for the freaking ROTC office, and I hate those freaks! LOL! They deemed me unhirable for some reason.
Their loss. I could be blogging on THEIR time right now!

Celina said...

Oh, don't even get me started! The big thing that pisses me off right now is thinking about all the taxes that are taken out of mine & R's paychecks (even though we're married, I'm in school, & we don't have kids)...and I look at losers like my sister-in-law's boyfriend/babydaddy who dropped out of highschool, "can't" keep a job, & (even though there are millions of dollars--& thousands of jobs available due to the hurricane) is collecting "unemployment." Seriously, WTF!!!!! @#$#%%*@&&$!!! He's just to F'ing lazy to get off his @$$ and GET A JOB to support his girlfriend & BABY (he'd rather keep living with my mother-in-law, mooching of HER HARD-EARNED money)!!! Thanks, I needed that vent! Can't talk about it on my blog cus the in-laws read it (& as per my husband's request: I don't want to OFFEND them)!!