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Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's My Late Lost Post....

This might suck being so late, but forgive me! I got ENGAGED this week! You know, it tends to occupy your mind. Along with my having to stop 100 times a day and look at my ring. Which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I will post a picture of some day! Then, trying to work on top of it all? And, have PMS? How can I be expected to cope with it all?????

So, on to LOST!....

To hear the whispers on MP3, and to see what the whispers are, click here. You gotta love the techno geeks of the world, who make things easy for us all!!!!

The tailies. Eh...I don't think I like these yahoo's! First of all, I can't stand the chick who plays Ana Lucia. She always has that hate monger look on her face, no matter what I have seen her in, I think this is called, her face. This is the only look she has. If I'm right, I apologize. But, c'mon! I don't like how she seems to be in command. I don't like that people listen to her. I don't like that she thinks she is bad-ass when she isn't.

I didn't like how it sped through the whole 46 days. If you were gonna add a new cast to the show, it could have been done much better. But..I don't make the big decisions, but if I DID you'd all love me!

The others. Briefly, I thought the others might be like THE OTHERS. The movie, that is. The people on the island are all dead, and the people who are 'the others' are alive. This theory could be wrong, but right now, anything is possible.

So since Ana is the decision maker, I'm thinking she is like Locke. She is Lockes nemisis so to speak. He being good, even though some things he does are questionable. I think the same with Locke.

What's up with the others having those peoples names written down? And their clothing? Who knew they were coming? God? And that Goodwin guy, who was one of 'the others' seemed to look fine to me! He wasn't ghostly. Or weird. He was just another stranded person. The kids are the ones who look freaky, well at least their feet looked freaky.

The show is starting to piss me off cus you know soon, it'll be over for the season and we'll all still be saying.....

"what exactly was in the hatch?"

Cus, they never answered anything. Where is Walt? What happened to shannon? Is she really dead? Will she show up to everyone with mysterious messages? Is Ana a bad guy? All I remember of her is Jack having a drink with her in a flash back before their flight. She said

"the hard part is over"

this can hardly be all about pushing a button. Too many mysteries here.

Did you catch the front of the plane fly by after the tail crashed? What's up with the delay? The tailies were already running and screaming when it flew by in the background. And if it was that close for us to see, why didn't anyone else see it?

Do you remember when Boone got on the radio in first season? That's who the tailies heard on their radio, when Ana told Bernard to shut it off because it was 'the others'.

Stupid bitch!

I read on the boards, when they were looking at the 'army' knife, there were 2 cars in the background. I missed it! I also read that not only is Walt speaking in reverse, but the water that drips from him, is also in reverse. This is freaky deaky!

My only other thoughts are this. Possibly, the people on the beach or 'fusies' all seem to have issues don't they? Selfish, murderers,druggie, unwed mother, something is haunting them. Some "issue". The tailies are being taken by the others, perhaps because they are all good? Good enough to join the others. Maybe the others aren't bad? Maybe Boone found himself, and buried his issues, and that was why he "died"?

And, really, why are they afraid of 'the others' anyhow? Cus some crazy french lady said to be? She said the black smoke brings them. Uhhh, now, it makes sense, that the black smoke, is crashes, tragedies that brings more people, but who needs to be afraid of them? She tried to give them the baby too, right?

40 days.

It took Mr. Echo 40 days to speak after killing someone. Was it also 40 days that they were alone until the 2 groups united? 40 days for Ana to cry.

Didn't it rain for 40 days, and 40 nights in the bible or something???? The rain in Desmonds hatch painting. The boat at black rock that had to have 'floated' to where it was in the middle of the island. Beginning of time? End of the world? Anyone? LOL!

Keep watching! It's like crack!!!

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