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Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm Not as Young as I Use To Be....

So I had a pretty rockin' wknd. I think I'm still feeling it. I remember being able to go out and kickit til 3am and come to work. Now, I sound like an old fart!

Friday night I fell asleep on the couch w/WG watching a movie. He told me to go out w/my friends so I went out w/Bethie. Of course, he changed his tune once the time came for me to go he didn't want me to. I admit, I missed him. It's sad. LOL.

We went to scorchers, Bethie was winning on scratch off's, she was on a roll. Lisa met us there, and we talked about her new couch. Which, is pretty nice! I laughed and said isn't it funny what we talk about now that we're older. New furniture IS exciting! We went to Frank's for a drink, and left there to another Scorcher's. Where we had the best shot ever:

Vanilla Stoli

It was a rootbeer float! It was freaking awesome!!!!!! We had a lot of drinks and shots...and we ended up going to Posh to dance. I remember peeing in the trees downtown akron...right alongside the street. Nice. Worse? Using dried, crunchy leaves as toilet paper. Not smart! When you gotta go, you gotta go! We saw some peeps from camping out at one bar. I don't even remember where it was, but it was in the valley. They tried to make us a rootbeer float there, but it wasn't creamy. I think they used schnapps vs. root beer and it wasn't the same. It's totally my new drink!

It was marine night at the club. And they were taking pictures. You might see us online, but I didn't check. I lost a lit cigarette while dancing. I hope that I didn't hurt anyone....unless maybe, they deserved it!

We danced the night away til I don't know when, and then we went to eat at Luigi's. It was really good, I have never had so much cheese in my life! Cheesy salads + italian dressing + alchohol and beer = a sick me!!

When I got home I puked. It feels goooood to puke! I was spinny then so I had to lay on the couch with one foot firmly planted on the floor. It sure works like a charm! I passed the fuck out and woke up at 9 to WG banging around in the kitchen.

We went for him to get a CT scan. I didn't feel so hot. I got my guaranteed (only guarantee this for myself, you can't sue me for it not working) hangover remedy. A sausage biscuit from McDonalds, and a medium coke. Don't ask me why it works, it just does. I normally don't eat sausage.

Know what he asked me as I was petting a kitten at his brothers? If I wanted to have an animal rescue when we get a house. Yea, he asked me that! I said.....THAT'S MY LIFES DREAM!!!!!! I really couldn't believe my ears!!!!! I have always wanted to foster cats or dogs or bunnies! (some day) but no one ever supported my desire!

We went to the Good Will because WG likes to go. He makes me want things, like a rocker, for $25!!!!!! I did however, get myself the cutest teacup. It is white, and has delicate blue flowers on it. It's my new thing. It was only a dollar...I couldn't pass it up!

WG made us chicken and dumplings for the second time. I also got the raging shits for the second time after eating it, and so did he, but I'm not saying the incidents are connected. It went down good. Waking up sweating and poo'ing isn't my idea of a fun night!!

I am starting my diet like Wed. or Thurs. I'm almost done with my book it doesn't seem difficult. I get to eat chicken 3 times a day. I love me some chicken! Bawk Bawk! I get to eat turkey too, gobble gobble!

I have to buy the turkey for dinner this week. And all the yummy things that go along with it! This is only my second "unassisted" turkey. Hope it doesn't suck!

We're gonna win the lottery tonight. It's 310 million. If I suddenly stop blogging, you know why. But, fear not, I will take it up as my full time profession, since I'll be rich!

BTW: I just found a bunch of butter in my purse. I tend to steal useless restaurant items when I drink. Butter. Salt/pepper shakers. I have a problem.
Got some country crock though!!!!

Is it pathetic, that I still feel hung over...2 days later?? WTF?

Today's Question: (i loaned my book to a friend so this will be generic)

If you had to choose 1 alchoholic drink to drink the rest of your life, what would it be?
I'm gonna have to say beer, cus it's way more versatile. Although there are way better things to drink than beer.


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mmmm that was an old fave! Good times good times! Once you get to drinking the whole bottle of malibu, the pineapple juice does things to your tongue. So, a professional drinker has to consider all these things when choosing a drink.