"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy (early) B-day To Me...

44 days til my bday! (I am the baby in the family, and I can't help that I love celebrations!)
36 days til my 13 days off work!!! ( at least from one job, i wont be gettin up early!)

I got a present in the mail already, it came from someone named Mon too!!! I love shopping on the internet! It is like you get gifts cus you forget you order stuff, and it just shows up! PRESENTS??? FOR ME??? I'm totally addicted to The Body Shop coconut body scrub, and body butter. It makes you sooooo soft and smell yummy! Thank you me! You knew just what I wanted!!!!!

My boyfriend, will be dee-vorced Dec 1!!!! YAYYYYY! Finally! LOL! My God, I am so ghetto!!!

Monday night, I cleansed my house with sage, and a clearing spell. We've been at odds (WG and me) and so have my rabbits. Even my dog seemed more down in the dumps. And the cats have been wrestling each other. I dunno what kind of negative energy deposited itself there, but its gone, you can tell. I did manage to set off the smoke alarm too. LOL. Funny how that stuff works. We were like peas and carrots that night! I tell WG all the time I used a spell to snag him, and I think he might have believed me for a while. I did carry a rose quartz with me, and say that I was open to love. Now it hangs by my bed.

I've never been this in love. I think I like it!!!!!!! You would think I put a sex spell on my house cus I have been getting a ton of it! WG said I made him an addict. I said now you know how I feel! Now, I gotta stop thinkin bout that! 13 hours of work left until I can think about that again!

Sunday we got up to get new phones! Me and WG. He woke me up special! =) Mine is the cutest phone ever! It's pink!!! My Hello Kitty Phone charm looks way cute on it!!! We got matching phones. (he got black!) We went to TWDSO store, which was kinda funny. He never worked Sundays so I figured it was safe! We also got a family plan, and free walkie talkie, web, and some other stuff. (walkie talkie is a pretty gay word when you say it twice)

TWDSO would never get me a new phone, or plan, and I was his girlfriend. Yet, a complete stranger hooked us up with some stuff, we got 2 phones for 30 bucks. So, we've been having fun with the walkie talkie its an instant connection to each other. FUN!

Speaking of that prick, I dreamt about him. For some ungodly reason, I went to get back with him. I went to his house, and I was still dating WG. He kissed my ass and took me back with loving arms. (puke) his MOM lived with him, which wouldn't suprise me in the real world cus he is so helpless. Yea, I had to kiss that freak in my dream, and pretty much that flooded back all the disgusting memories for me and I was out of there!!! He wouldn't leave me alone. GROSS! He kept trying to get me to stay with him, and his mom told me I was not to smoke in the house anymore. Bite me! He told me the same thing when I lived there. Dick. Ex-smokers are the worst hippocrites I've ever met! When I quit, don't let me be that way! Anyways, I classify this under the 'nightmare' category. I wouldn't cheat on WG....let alone, with TWDSO!!! OK, now I'm grossed out. One of those things where you gotta say....what was I thinking? He was SO not my type!!!!

Don't forget! Bitchin'!
Today's Question:
What is the poorest you could be and still be happy?
I've been 'poor' enough and I was happy. As long as I have a car, and a place to live and I can afford ramon noodles, I'm good to go! Cable TV is a bonus, but I could go to a friends for the boob tube!


MzAriez said...

You know, I wonder if having the less responsibilities and less stress helps in the happiness department. To only have to worry about car, rent, and food would be so simple compared with the long list I have now.

BTW, sage is wonderful. Ever try cedar? Collect it from a tree and place small bundles over your windows and doors. At night here, we close our curtains. There are traditional stories that explain why.

Take care.

Mon said...

I've never tried cedar, I'm going to look it up though!!