"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sign. Sealed Delivered....

Happy Monday? Monday...already? Big fucking deal!

I had my date this wknd w/WG. It was a real date. He drove us. He opened my car door too! We went to eat. I tried crab legs. ME. I tried more new things w/WG in 4 months than in a lifetime. I dunno why I trust his judgement or something? It wasn't disgusting either, I wouldn't eat it by choice but if I was like stranded on an island I could survive on them. After dinner we went to Ambiance. You know.......the sex store. LOL. It was fun being able to go with your boyfriend and not be embaressed! We are so perfect for each other.

After that, we had to kill an hour before the movie and we went to Borders. That is where I got my sign. If....you believe in those sort of things, which, I really do. I headed straight for the Metaphysical section, as always. The first book I looked at in the shelf said "Soul Mates" on the spine. The authors last name, directly under the title, was WG's last name. Same spelling, and everything. That right there, was a sign. Then, I opened it randomly and the first thing I read, talked about what we had just recently discussed.

About changing. How, you don't necessarily change "for" a person, but that you realize that things about yourself need to change, and it may benefit your partner, it isn't about either of you giving up anything. Sometimes change comes naturally. It was a really interesting book, about how family and friends are included as your soul mates. And, how people in your past guided you to where you are today. (which is also the lyrics from 'our song') If you were with people you didnt like, it was to teach you not to be that way.

The movie was pretty good, not what I had expected. We saw Flight Plan w/Jody Foster. It was the only decent movie playing at the theater we wanted to go to. The movie was over at 12. We somehow got on the age-old subject, of...bachelor parties. I'm sure this will come up again before we're married so I'll talk about it then.

I talked to my brother for about 2 hours at 2am when WG passed out. I was up til 5am. There comes a point when you pass being tired. Found out, he was home last wknd when we stopped out. Nice of him to answer the door! He purposly ignored us! MEN!

WG was Mr. Fix-it yesterday. I dunno what it is, but men doing mens work just gets me hot! ha ha ha! I love watching a man work on stuff. He fixed my brakes AGAINNNNNN turned out to be a missing bolt! NICE! Then he put on a new sink faucet in our bathroom, cus it was gross, and cruddy and I tried everything to clean it, plus it leaked. So we found one for 6 bucks, a cheapie, cus hey, it's only an apt. not like I own the joint. And, he fixed the holes I put in the walls from my treadmill. (one was from my foot but we won't go there!)

Then, yesterday, seemingly for no reason, and out of nowhere, it happened. Our first official fight. I call it our first official fight, because any other time we'd had disagreements neither of us raised our voices. It was simply debating. Easily solved. This lasted all night. We were up until 2 a.m. And it was stupid, as most fights are. Basically we wasted a day together by fighting. We don't get to see each other much as it is with all the work we do.

Bubba and her fiance (first time using that) came over. It was sorta akward. Embaressing. But, it's part of life! I wish he would've just put it behind him but he couldn't. Today, he realized that it was mostly his fault. He said I'm allowed to write that it was 99% his fault. Although, he said in my journal, not my blog. LOL!

I'm not just saying that. We got into it, over an RF Modulator, on my TV. That was what triggered it, you know it never is about one thing, but I said this has got to be the stupidest fight I have ever had! Today is another day. We are going to start over. We are still very much in love. I can't ever stay mad at him. Another sign.

Today's Question:

What is the greatest thing you would sacrifice to find true love?

I don't think you need to sacrifice anything, it will find you when the time is right.


Erin said...

I've just found your blog today. (I'm being a procrastinator and am avoiding my responsibilities). It's great to find a girl who is so REAL! I'm going to bookmark your blog. I hope that's cool with you.

Mon said...

A new reader! Of course its cool with me! Enjoy!