"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sippin On Gin And Juice!...


I got snoop in my mind. Rollin down the street, smokin endo..........sippin on gin and juice. Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my miiiind!

Ok, so Lost still wasn't on. I think calculating the 3 week break, falls under the cateogory of "MATH" so I can't be held accountable for not knowing 3 weeks isn't up yet!

Don't tell anyone, but I'm searching for celly ringers at work. I plan to only slack off a little today, and thats cus I'm really legitimately sick, and we have a service awards luncheon so the mood is light. Nevermind that I have a buttload of stuff to put up on our website, and it is some stuff I've never done before and it'll take me forever, and I should really be doing it. My brain hurts. Can I have a bad day? Ok, so I have a lot of those!

Get this! I have an actual, real, live date on Saturday! WG asked me "out"! This is big business to me, one, because it's only our second "date". (by date I mean being asked out by the man) And two, because I'm use to having a limited life from working so much.

For instance, when I walked with Kat to get ice cream Sunday, she said "If I lived here I'd walk downtown all the time, do you come down here?"
I said no! I work! When I get home, everything is closed. I get home at 10pm! I do live in a cute little historical town. I can walk to the towpath, which is really nice along the canal, and its gravel and not muddy. There is really neat stores, and shops around. She asked if I had been to this 'primitive' store, NOPE! I love that style, primitive is my thaaaang!

The ice cream shop we went to, my dad use to take me to when I was little. Osers. I took ballet classes right next to the place. The store across the street, use to be the pizza shop we went to every Friday, when Mom and Dad were still married. Herbie's Pizza. (remember THAT guys??)

A block from there, is the canoe livery where we always went canoeing as a family. My own brother tried to feed me to the alligators by tipping us in the canal once. Yea, I know there aren't alligators in the canal, but when your little, you believe the crap your parents tell you!

We have the coolest store ever, Toys that time forgot.... They have everything you ever could want from your childhood there. I've been there once, 2 yrs ago, before I lived in town!

There is even a haunted warehouse. You can have dinner there, tour the place, and visit a nearby graveyard. I haven't even done that!

I'm just about fed up with not having (much of) a life. It is hard. It's hard when you are in a relationship with someone you enjoy spending time with. It's hard when you have friends who you like to hang out with. It's hard when you have 7 pets. I feel like my house is always a pig sty. I am not dirty, and I clean a couple times a week and CLEAN on wknds. But, having 7 pets is a lot of work, even when you don't work alot! I feel torn all the time between everyone. Bubba works odd hours now, and she is working 2 jobs too, so it's hard for us to get together. Tayray lives right next door, and I barely see her! If I didn't work with my friends, I'd literally never see them!

I am hoping to get through the spring and quit the second job. It will help having WG there to help with the living expenses. I still have 2 credit cards to pay off before I can quit. I want to be debt free. I should restate that, and say, I want to be 'revolving' debt free. I'll always have a car, and a home pmt. And now, a wedding to save for. (still "unofficially") If he doesn't help save for that, it will be more than a year til I can even plan one. *sigh* sometimes, you have those days, when you just don't see an end in sight.

I remember getting a second job and saying......."ITS ONLY FOR 3 MONTHS". It's been 10. And, no immediate end to it either. I just can't wait til I can go back to doing the things that I enjoy....the gym, the garden, READING! Actually reading a novel! Imagine that! I read magazines. I listen to novels on CD. But I miss reading! I miss the telling myself, "one more page and I'll go to sleep"!

I killed a possum last night. I hit it dead on. You know, how they stop and stare at you? I felt so bad! That has got to be the worst feeling. THUNK! UGH! I'm a murderer. At least when I hit a dog, it didn't die. No doubt that possum is dead. It was fast.

Today's Question:

What's the worst thing you have to do in the morning?

Get out of my nice, warm bed with my flannel sheets, and my warm boyfriend, and go out into the cold cruel world!!!!


Tayray said...

The pizza shop was "Your pizza shop" when I was growing up and used to hang out there on Friday nights!!
The worst thing for me to do in the morning, if its Monday thru Friday, I would say come to work. I hate this new job, it sucks!

Mon said...

It was your pizza shop, a.k.a herbies pizza. You were a youngin way after me! ha ha ah! i was 8 and under, so you were like, in diapers!