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Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's All About My Momma's Love of Saving a Buck!...

My mom, or "packmule" as we affectionately call her, is a unique individual. If you have had the honor of meeting my mom, you know this. She's really funny, and loves to laugh. Hey, so do I! Maybe she'll adopt me or something!!!!

This was pulled directly from an email I recieved from her when I brought up her saving 79 cents on some cake frosting:

Speaking of which, we went to that dumb food lion again sun. and the cheezits rang up reg. price. I said those are 2 for $5 but she didn't listen. So off to the counter I go.. she said I will have to check.. go ahead bitch.. {your sister} said it is only going to be about $.49.. I said I don't care. I work too hard for my money.. you can go start the car.. I got back $.59.. that is almost $.60 which is almost $1.. My money.. MINE MINE MINE..Gotta love me..

Need you ask where I get my frugality? She is determined that they are trying to screw her out of her hard earned money!


hot for jr. said...

It's funny how I never have a problem with things ringing up at the wrong price when I go to the Food Lion by myself. I guess they just like to give packmule a hard time.
Ahhh. I'm having fond memories of when you and Bubba came to visit and we went to "Da Foooood Lion" with packmule and the sock puppet.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, that was the best fun ever.. Bubba playing a retard and people letting us in front of them in line because of her "Handicap".. Little did I know that along with the sock puppet, bubba also put on red lipstick, which was not only on the lips, but outside the lines as well and I had to try to keep a straight face. Same night the 5 of us walked through a drive thu for some cash, two by two as if in a car..Can just see the video on that deal.. So... This could possibly be the reason the Food Lion here is always trying to keep my cash. They recognize me.. They hire the handicapped now thanks to Bubba.. The same store, charged me for three slimfasts, I got two. Charged me for two frostings, I got one, Charged me reg price for Cheez-its, when they were 2 for $5.. I worked retail for 14 years and used to look at those old people on senior day checking their receipts after checkout thinking for petes sake... Now here I am doing the same thing, and I finally realize why they do it.. We do not want to end up eating canned cat food for dinner. Those of you who know and love me, know that I do not eat meat.. especially fish eyes and chicken lips. So let this be a lesson you all you young folks out there, watch those pennies and check those receipts. You may embarrass your children but hey, ever had a kid crap in their diaper in a resturant? Or have them hide in the circle racks of clothes at the store? Ever have your kid put his head through the rails over looking the lower level of the mall and get stuck cuz his ears would not come back through as easily as they went in?? Ever have your child rub the hand of a black lady and look at her hand to see if it was dirt because she never saw a black lady before?? Or they run up to some stange man and hug his legs with their face in his ass, calling "DADDY", When you don't know this man from Adam? Ever have your child peek under the dressing room stall at the person next door? Or hear.... I GOTTA POOP!!!!! in a crowded grocery store? Well when you do experience these things, then we can talk about being embarrassed.. I never saw Jerry Lewis do a telathon for the Food Lion. They are not a charity and should not be treated as such. If I didn't want my money, I would put it in the containers they have for various organizations at their checkouts which we all know, they take in the back room on their breaks and split between them so they can buy beer. So when you use that special MVP card, make sure they treat you like an MVP and not a VSS..(very stupid shopper)

MzAriez said...

I love coupons. I check online when I am making purchases. Today I spent $190 on food. I saved $97 with coupons. It can be worth it.

Anyways, tag, you're it:

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

Have a great one.