"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 28, 2005

'Tis The Season..(2 B Jolly dammit)...

Snowed for a couple days, and now its 63 degrees. I dunno how the rest of the world can settle for such boring weather. We got you all beat!

How depressing that Nick and Jessica are splitting up. I am still in denial and I can't cope with it right now. It's too much!

It's Monday. As always, the wknd. went far too fast. If all goes well, in 2 weeks I'll be at my Mom and Sisters for a 4 day wknd. If all does not go well, they will have screwed me out of some benefit time at my second job, and I might just cry!

Got my tree's up this wknd. Deck the halls and fa la la la la. All that jazz. I was so excited, because I love Christmas. I am a valued member on our holiday committee at work, cus I bring so much Christmas cheer!!! This is no joke! So, for me, decorating is exciting, I am like a kid. This wknd I decorated at home. CP was sick. He has a cold. You know men. Not to belittle him being sick. But, he said I was mean to him. He had a cold. This equals death to a man.

All I wanted was to decorate the freaking house.

Sadly, I left my awesome Hello Kitty stocking with TWDSO. Asshole.

I went shopping for some odds and ends Saturday and came home and he wanted to go back out, he was raring to go to get some stuff for bulbs. We got back and I put together a tree, and he held the lights and I put them on. Then he kept disappearing on the computer. "Downloading music" I think I asked him 10 times to help me decorate. Why? Cuz he told me that he was into Xmas. No one else ever was as much as him, so I was soooo excited, thinking, finally I met my match. Nah. He wasn't feelin' it. Granted, he was sick.

But putting ornaments on doesn't require much effort, and lets remember he wanted to go out shopping earlier. The moral of this story, is that CP told me I was mean to him this wknd, cus I "made" him carry boxes. (If I carried all these boxes at once, I could have done it, they were NOT heavy!) Not to mention I didn't make him do it. I was upset cus he didn't seem to want to help me decorate. That was what started it. I'm still mad about it. It caused 2 tiffs that night. He told me to go out. Cus my friends were going out.

So I went downstairs and popped in a movie and watched it by myself. Gave him space you know, cus I had an attitude and all. I dunno. May your days be merry and bright! More so than mine have been!

It's Christmas! Someone got me sick, and while my head feels like it might explode, I am still a productive citizen of the world. And I still have to work 2 jobs. And now, walk for 45 minutes every night. I'll be happy when the 6 days is over. The exercise will be the hardest at 10pm. Cus It'll wind me up and I won't be able to sleep. But It wont be hard like usual. Just keep my heart rate up, and listen to my books on CD! Long, slow walking. New concept! I found another author I can tolerate besides Dean Koontz, and Mary Higgens Clark. James Patterson! So far, I've liked 3 of his books.

I think thats why I had a dream about TWDSO. He was one of his favorite authors. Pretty much the same dream as before, he wanted me back, pretty bad. I dunno why I am dreaming that, cus I really have no hidden desire to be with him at all.

On another note! I started my makeover today! I feel fantastic. (sorta) I had some ground turkey and a grapefruit for breakfast. In about 20 min I'm gonna have a 'mid morning' snack of 2 oz. turkey, and a cup of greens. The only 'green' I like is Iceberg Lettuce. It was on the list though so I'm good to go. 100 oz. of water. I normally drink about 80 so this is gonna be easy for me. Wish me luck!

Today's Question:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?



hot for jr. said...

As far as Nick and Jessica. I firmly believe they are splitting up because they did not sleep together before they got married. You don't truly know somebody, until you "KNOW" them.
My favorite holiday tradition is time off work!! I think I was the adopted one in the family because I don't get into decorating and baking and all the other holiday festivities. This year I was looking forward to having someone I loved share the holiday's with me, but that didn't work out. I was used to being alone for the last several years, but this one will be rough. I still miss him so much and think of him almost every day. That's what I want for Christmas. Either have him back in my life, or take him out of my head and my heart because it hurts. Sorry. I'm feeling a little bad today - I'll quit depressing everyone. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

mommamule said...

I like unwrapping the ornaments and remembering who got me them and the ones the kids made when they were in grade school. Bless their hearts...I know when I am too old to drag out the Christmas boxes, I will never see them again, as Bernice does not like to decorate. So Monica, you will have to get my ornaments and put them on your ugly tree and remember me each year. I know you will throw out the Jeff Gordon bulb, but I didn't put it on my tree this year either so I will forgive you. I had to put Bernice's Dale Jr. ornament on the tree and the only spot I had left was at the very bottom overhanging the litter box. (our apt is rather small so the cats will feel as if they are in the woods going potty). Hope it doesn't fall in.. OOPS..

Mon said...

JR:gh, what a downer! LOL! Well, you have people you love in your life, screw the man who broke your heart! He'll get his! I'm living proof!

Momma: Me toooo! I love to remember each ornament and where I got it and what I do with it. I dunno where I got that from though...I don't think anyone else is like us. Why do we have to be so different? j/k! Now, you know I will find room on my ugly tree for your stuff! I took pics of the trees and little hill w/her new jacket!

hot for jr. said...

I can confirm that mommamule DID put Jr. right over the cat box. She is just jealous that Jr is hotter then Jeffie Poo!! I moved jr. though so he now has a better view. :-)