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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And Justice For All?!....

This cracks me up!

There is a local story here, that goes a little something like this.

Woman, dumps 35 kittens in a park.

Woman gets in trouble for dumping 35 kittens in a park, goes to court.

Judge sentences woman to stay the night in the same park, overnight, with only water, and a phone for an emergency.

The night the woman is to stay in the park, it is 26 degrees, wind chill of 11. I was loving it!

That spells justice for me!

Unfortunatly the stupid bitch got out of her sentence:

About four hours later, as temperatures dropped into the 20s, the judge who sent her there relented, allowing Michelle Murray, 26, of Painesville, to return to her heated jail cell Wednesday night.

"I couldn't allow it to go on any further," said Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti, who sentenced Murray to spend one night in the woods. "I did not want to put her health and safety in jeopardy."
Cicconetti, who is known for handing out unusual punishments, also modified Murray's sentence Thursday morning, releasing her to serve her remaining 29 days on house arrest, instead of two weeks in jail and 15 days of house arrest.

Murray also was sentenced to three years of probation and must pay $3,200 in restitution to the Lake County Humane Society and $500 to Lake Metroparks.

Murray pleaded guilty last month to abandoning domestic animals, a second-degree misdemeanor. She said she did it because she couldn't get help from the Lake County Humane Society. The kittens were recovered but many had upper respiratory infections and nine died.

I think she should have had to stay the night in the park. Those kittens didn't have a choice. I am one of those people most people hate. Who have more compassion for animals than humans. Kittens can't make decisions like people can. But even if they could, I don't think they'd dump their human off in a park somewhere.

It's plain irresponsible. Those 35 kittens would turn into 1,000 kittens in a matter of months!

The stupid bitch said this:

"I don't have warm enough clothes and I'm not even allowed to bring a sleeping bag," she said before she began her sentence Wednesday night. "I don't understand how a judge can send me out there to freeze."

Firstly, we live in Ohio. This chick, lives near Cleveland, where they have a thing called the snow belt. Don't say you don't have warm clothes. We're not stupid! She didn't give those kittens warm clothes, or a sleeping bag! I don't understand how she could send them out there to freeze! They were babies too! Even worse!

Last week, my friend Katie saw a kitten in Wal Mart. Someone dumped it inside Wal Mart. Of all places, don't subject the poor thing to WAL MART! Lucky they didn't strap it to a sewing machine and make it work on their cheaply over-seas made items that put us all out of work, and have to uphold standards that quality cannot fill! Suprised they didnt force the poor kitten to sell its item to them for 2 cents so they can mark it up to 1.88 and make a killing! Prices falling every day!! Shit, it might be 1.87 tomorrow! Hurry! (sorta don't like wal mart!)
So, day #1 on the 6 day makeover really went well. I lost 3lbs yesterday. I wasn't hungry, but what I was was really freaking tired at my second job! I quit caffine cold turkey which means no energy drinks. No sugar. Waaaaah! I was literally falling asleep working! A friend told me to beat my thymus lol! It's a bone in your chest, like gorilla's do! I swear it woke me right up! I did my proper breathing while I walked (in through nose for 4, out through mouth for 2 filling stomach with air on the intake) and I swear that also made a difference. I didn't get overly sweaty, yet my heart rate was up the whole time. I'm listening to 'First to Die' (james patterson) it's really good, so the 45 min flew by!

And..CP told me I looked good! That I had a glow! I said I think it's the blood pumpin I did! That, and I was pretty happy to see him!

The only hard part about this diet is getting the food ready when I don't have any time at night. So, the week is going to be rough. But, so worth it. I thought I'd also miss flavor, but ya know what? Food has it's own flavor, what a concept! And, Mrs. Dash is my new friend. (no sodium, no salt, no calories!) I put it on everything! I'm off to enjoy my egg whites and grapefruit! mmm!

Last night, aside from wanting sex like a maniac, I really wanted some freaking frosted flakes! I havn't had them for a couple years too. Cravings. Suck. Balls!

Today's Question:

About this cat lady..does the punishment fit the crime?

I say yes! Statistics clearly show, that people who abandon, or abuse animals go on to abuse people. It is about respect of life. This woman has kids too.


Tayray said...

I think that she should of stayed the whole night in the park. Like you mentioned in your blog, those kittens didnt have a choice. There was plenty of other things she could of done with those kittens, rather then drop them off in the park. She'll be back in the news for something else in the future.

hot for jr. said...

I think she should have been made to stay all night in the park. People think animals wear 'fur coats', but it's no different than a pair of clothes to us. She could have boxed them up with towels or an old blanket, and put them on the steps of the Humane Society or Animal Control. If they were put on the steps, they'd have no choice but to take them in. If they won't take them during regular business hours, drop them off, but leave them provisions and warmth to get them through the night till someone finds them. Kittens always get adopted. It's the older cats that have a harder time finding a home. Everyone loves a kitten!!

bethie said...

I definitely think the punishment fits the crime. I also think that rapist's and child molesters should be castrated!! vote for me for judge!!

Sarah said...

Mon, did you watch the news last night? They interviewed her and she was like, "Those cats came from living outside-they know how to take care of themselves." #1 - didn't she rescue them from the outside and that's why she had them in the first place!? What an effing moron. Every interview with her makes her look like a bigger and bigger douchebag. Her excuse was that she suddenly had 2 weeks to move, and no one would rent her a house with 40+ cats. Um, lady, it sounds like maybe you should get your shit together before you take in 40 cats to care for. That's all I'm saying.

Mon said...

Tayray: You're right, cus you agree with me. lol.
JR: I get so sick of hearing that, fur coat shit! So, we could live outside with a jacket on then..right? What about those people in that movie ALIVE? They had jackets. They ate each other too!
sarahThat is exactly what I thought, why take in cats you can't care for? That is irresponsible! I think that's called hoarding, and I think it's a clinical illness!