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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Question Finally Popped!...

Happy Hump Day!

I am going to forgoe my original plan to post about the medical signifigance of PMS, and go on to a new topic....... I wouldn't want to disappoint, those who said they bet they knew what I would be blogging about today!


It may be rude to say it's about time......but it IS! I've been patiently waiting forever since he brought it up over a month ago! And you don't tell a girl what your going to do and then make her wait. I'd rather not know. Well maybe not so patiently, but as far as he knows, I've been patient!

The, "you wont know when it's coming" "It could be anywhere" "itll happen when you least expect it". Makes you live in constant fear. And fear that you have to try to hide. I think I was starting to have anxiety over it and everything!
We had plans to go to Applebee's. Just dinner. After my second job at 9pm so I didn't reallllly think anything was going on yesterday. On a Tuesday, at Applebee's. He met me outside and walked me in and sat me down and I was telling him this funny story about work, and the cleaning nazi. I was pretty sure I saw Heather's car outside, but she wasn't there..
Out of nowhere he just said he had to ask me a question.
I said "What?"
And he didn't say anything, and then I said what do you have to think about it?
Then.... he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.
I said "Of course I will"
He said "You will?"
I said "Yes"
And there was clapping. I saw him looking over my shoulder, and there was Heather! And her fiance, and a video camera. I had 3 day old dirty hair and scrubby clothes. Plus I'm bloated due to my period. Then he kinda just, stopped talking and was really quiet. We kissed and all that and had dinner with our friends. Heather claimed to only have found out yesterday. I found out all the times it could have been. Like, he had talked to my boss to try to set it up at work!

I love my ring, it's just what I always wanted. It's an emerald cut, white gold. We tried to take pics but couldn't download them. It was late when we got home. I asked him if he was sorry he asked me, cus he was being really quiet. Boys are weird.

He said he was nervous and tense all day and when I said yes, it was a release and he kind of crashed. I said you knew I'd say yes! He said he didn't know for sure, until I said it, what I'd say!
Our post-engagement sex wasn't all that fabulous due to the fact that I think I was the only one really into it! I told him this morning he is to go home to bed and be ready for me tonight dammit!!!!! He assured me he wouldn't have asked me if he wasn't sure and he was just tired.
I'm a worry wart!
I got him a present too and it came yesterday! I had him a keyring engraved for his house key since he is moving in this wknd. I had a nice card made and had it gift wrapped. He really liked it. I'm glad. Being ' home' with me means a lot to him, so I wanted to make it special.
The wedding will be next fall/winter. I want a winter wedding. Ice blue and silver, snowflakes, candles, a FAUX fur shawl..the works! Maybe January.
And now, a little of my trials and tribulations on waiting for 'the moment'.....

At first, I thought it would happen on Sweetest Day on the cruise. Then, he said it wouldn't be on the cruise. Then I thought, he just told me that to throw me off. Then I thought, it'll be 'on' Sweetest day since the cruise is the day after. Or, maybe while shopping for our Sweetest day Cruise outfits. Or, maybe the night before? Or the morning of?

The only time I thought for SURE I had figured it out, was this past wknd, when he told me to go out with my friends. I wouldn't have even suspected it, except for this conversation of which I told him nothing of our plans for the night:

WG: "I'll be up when you get home"
ME: "No you won't we'll be out really late"
WG: "Well, just don't go to Luigi's"
ME: "How did you know we planned on going to Luigi's?"
WG: "I just guessed, everyone goes there after the bars"
I thought, ok, he's right, it's a well known fact that you go to Luigi's to sober up. I let it slide. Then, later, he mentioned Frank's Place.

ME: "how do you know what I am doing, I KNOW I didn't tell you that!"

I then found out, that WG had been in 'cahoots' with Bethie, and he was going to do it that night, but that 'his plans fell through' whatever that means.

He had talked to my bosses about doing it at work, at BOTH jobs....

Yesterday he said 'everyone' is asking me if its tonight', because were going out. Well, were not going anywhere fancy, and its after work! So....? I wasn't sure!

Guess what? I havn't had the raging shits today. And I don't feel anxious. And I think I can get a lot of work done! It was all the wonder that did it!

If you learn nothing from my sorrows, learn this. If you plan to propose to someone, don't tell them. And if you do, don't give any indication of the 'when it could happen' cus you could drive her to secretly hate you daily! Well...not hate, but I get pissed off on a daily basis cus I go all day anticipating it, then nothing happens. I think there is a word for that.

Congratulations to the happy couple! In honor of our engagement, I'll change WG's name to CP which is my pet name for him.
It's Chuck.
(NOT Charles)
My Chuckiepoo (CP for short)
My love.
My friend.
And now, My future husband!!!!!
He makes me cry.
He knows what I need the most.
He makes me believe in love.
He has shown me that there is such a thing as forever.


Tayray said...


Mon said...

celebration! just dont play that gay kool and the gang song! i hate it! lol!

hot for jr. said...


Mon said...

I'm paving the way. You know, you have to kiss a lot of frogs first. You had to get in one more frog!
Wine mmmmm cheers! LOL!

bethie said...

congrats mon!!!! and how sweet are your comments about him!! that would make some awesome wedding vows! it almost brought me to tears. and i will explain the cahoots with me and why it didn't happen. can't wait to be in another wedding ..wink wink

MzAriez said...

Congrats Mon. I am so happy for you.

Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us!!! LOL.

Celina said...

Yay!!! Yeah, no matter how long you "expect" it, it's always still a surprise...and IT IS ABOUT TIME! Many congratulations and best wishes!!