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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Weekend Forecast...

Well, weather-wise, we're looking at snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow. How exciting for us! I don't have new shoes or gloves even! I've yet to turn my heat up past 65 either. I have that heat that you turn on in every room in the ceiling. That shit is expensive so I don't like to run it! It snowed a lot yesterday but you can still see the grass so it wasn't too bad. I got up and pulled out of the garage and went to work. Nothing makes me happier in the winter time!!! This is all new to me! A garage!!!!

I got up coughing at like 2:30 am, went to get a drink and thought it was awful warm in the kitchen, where I have no heat turned on....CP left the OVEN on all night!!!! Firstly, that'll cost a pretty penny, 425 degrees!!! Second, we could've died! I think his plan to kill me is still on! Hey, I already told you CP I'm only insured for like 50 grand, and that's only ACCIDENTAL death. I don't think that it covers leaving the oven on all night and burning up your fiance!! Not to mention, I havn't had my open enrollment yet, and my family are still my beneficiaries! (don't give him a cent if I die in my sleep, or in a house fire...........!)

Maybe he had sex on the brain, but that is no excuse for trying to burn down the house! Even if it was really worth it and we'd have died happy.....that is *irrelevant!

4 day wknd!!! If I were a man, I would eat myself into oblivion, and lay around for 4 days hogging up the couch, stuffing my hand in my pants, getting up only to piss, maybe find the remote if someone moved it, and eat some more. But we all know, that being a woman, my work is never done.

Tonight, after working 2 jobs, I am sure that I'll go home and have to clean, because for some reason, this is my job and we won't even go there!!!! Now, I know why me and my mom fought on the holidays. ITS A LOT OF FRIGGIN' WORK! And kids would make it 10 times more annoying! Even perfect, well-behaved kids, like...well, like ME!

The most exciting part about Thanksgiving to me, is watching Oprah's Favorite Things!!! I like to save it to watch for the holiday! It is so much fun! I will watch it a couple times before Xmas!

I'm making turkey, of course, and stuffing. I'm going to try to make it like my mom does, (none of that boxed crap) so wish me luck! It'll be an experience. Two peanut butter pies. Which aren't your grandma's pies! They have cool whip, hot fudge, and reese cups! Delicious! And Secret, don't ask for the recipe! Spinich dip, CHEESE chunks (love my cheese!), MOUNDS OF MASHED POTATOS! I love smashed taters. None of that boxed crap either! I also bought 20 lbs of potatos. Cus they were buy one get one free. What the hell would YOU have done? I'm probably making crock pot mac and cheese, but this is like a last minute item that might get dropped! lol!

CP is making 2 pumpkin pies. I dunno why, cus there is only 4 for dinner. And I also dunno when he intends to make these 2 pies. We might have to borrow Tayrays oven! cus I got the bird up in thurrrrr!

I'm also waking up CP early, cus he has to pull the gross stuff out of the turkey. And rinse it. I do not like to touch raw meat. Especially when it still looks like the dead carcass that it is. BLEH!

I'm also making slush, which is also delicious! It is pineapple juice, ginger ale, and vodka. Only 2 cups of vodka. But, I'm using my 80 proof Absolute from Canada! We'll be good to gooooo!

I can't wait to watch the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Special! I am so in the mood for the holidays! I am going to pop in my Muppets Christmas CD and just sing until my hearts content. I hope to lift my spirits! I can see my brother now, he will make fun of me. He just can't admit that he loves it!

Besides shopping, eating, sleeping, eating, cleaning, eating (I'm starting my makeover diet on Sun, so leave me alone with all the turkey eats!) I have to start making windows, for Xmas gifts:

These ones are mine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

These are the first two I did. I have done better. But, I don't have pictures of those ones.

Today's Question:

What are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving?

This might sound selfish, and rude, but I most care about having 4 days off of work. Annnnnnnd...sleeping! Then, giving thanks for shit. The work takes first rank though! Cus it's sucking my will to live!

*For Tayray!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to drinking, walking next door hung over for some turkey, and having Friday off for the first time ever!!!
Tell CP to watch it, he could burn my apartment down too!!

hot for jr. said...

I'm looking forward to the long weekend too!!! since more than 1/2 my family still lives Ohio, where it's snowing, and I live in VA Bch where it's sunny and high 50's, (BEAUTIFUL DAY!!) I don't have a get together to look forward to, and I'm not big on decorating for Christmas, or dealing with crowded stores full of bargain shoppers, all I have is time off. I've got alot of taped shows I have to catch up on so I'll be plenty busy.