"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 21, 2005


I always say, everything happens for a reason. I drive Bubba nuts with this, but it always turns out to be true!

Well, it's offcial. Bubba isn't coming back to work at night. She has been gone, first on a leave of absence, but she was to come back the 7th. Our supervisor is really nice, and she gave her 3 no show's to come back. She asked me the first day:

Super: "Isn't Bubba suppose to come back today?"
Me: (clueless cus Bubba didn't tell me she wasnt coming back) "yea, she came to get her keyboard this wknd"
Super: "I hope she's ok"

Next day:

Super: "Have you heard from Bubba?"
Me: (clueless cus I didn't know what she was doing) "No"
Super: "I hope she is ok, I know you guys are close, that's not like her to not call you or call off work"
Me: "I'm sure she is fine"
Super: "If I don't hear from her today I'm going to have to term her."
Me: "whattya gonna do?"

Bubba called me and said the super called her and said she had to call her or she'd be fired. So, she called her, but it was too late, she was fired. I said well, maybe that means there is something bigger for you?

And then there was one.

I'm all alone. But I rock so hard, I already have a new friend at work. Sometimes we take breaks together, and we chit-chat. Then, she invited me to a Tastefully Simple party. There is going to be wine at the party. I'm taking Tayray and Bethie if they still come. We're gonna have fun.

I'm thinking, the reason behind Bubba leaving was so I could branch out and make new friends. Seems like everyone at that job also knew about my engagement besides me!

I'm so friendly! It only took me 10 months to make a friend. But wait, it only took me 5 months to snag a future husband from the same job. Funny how things work. I wonder what else I will find there. Besides, a lot of laughs.

I got that job, cus I was planning to leave TWDSO anyhow. 'If things didn't work out'. I ended up meeting my CP! And, now that their all gone, I'm making a lot more money, so that's why I'm left behind, so I can bank! Cha Ching!

Tourettes guy, got a video camera. He likes to record people's reactions to his ticks. It's pretty funny. He is really an upbeat guy, he is always so happy, and positive. He is always "GREAT!" when you ask him. I think, I should learn a lesson from him.

We've got a leaky hole in the ceiling there. It POURS water now and again. The other night it was so bad, the little trash cans wouldn't cut it. One guy who is mentally handicapped (I'm so PC) kept cracking jokes about how we should watch out for hail, and lightening.

What rocks about working two jobs.....well the money. And...once in a while you have happy news. Like, when you go in and read the job board, and see, that we are closed Thanksgiving, and the day after!!!!!! I did a happy dance, because I am also off my day job those two days!!!


I just dont know what I'm going to do with myself. Besides, prepare a meal for the masses, eat, watch movies, have sex, and snuggle with my man! I live the good life. I don't pretend not to.
I heard online (where all things are true) that Fiddy Cent gives a full frontal in his new movie. I'm all over that shit! I'm gonna see if Bubba wants to go with me. Cus, it's not polite to drool over a mans manhood, on the big screen, in front of your man. And...Fiddy has got a nice ass body...ohhhh kkkk??????
I might have to start blogging about Invasion. Well, I am! That show rocks! I hate aliens, they scare the crap out of me. This show, is getting good! If you don't watch, you are not in the in crowd! It's a conspiracy! This chick who spent the night in 'the water' during the hurricane, just found her body in the water. Yea, she found her own body, but yet, she is walking around in her body.....dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Cp is all moved in. More on that another day!
Today's Question:
What was the job you enjoyed the least?
I've had lots of stupid jobs. I temped for a little over a year before my current employer realized my greatness and snagged me up!! I worked at this metal place for ohhh about 3 days. It was an office job. Inventory I think they called it? You had to take these slips from when people cut metal, and figure how much was left after they cut portions off. Can you sayyyy....MATH?? The guy who I worked for told me it was a great opportunity, and that I'd eventually be the office manager, but I got the hell out of that place faster than you could say multiplication!!! I just didn't go back. This, is what my friends came to call "pulling a mon" which was, taking jobs, and not showing up again when you don't want the job. I pulled lots of them in my lifetime. Cus, I'm a huge puss when it comes to that shit!

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Tayray said...

I heard that Fiddy cent movie wasnt all that good, but if he gets nude, that its gotta be worth the cash to see it! HA HA
Right now I hate my job, its hard, takes alot of thinking and to much math. I also used to work at Apple's ( it was a grocery store ) but I just left, I hated it. I had to pack peoples groceries and if they were rude, their bread went on the bottom! I lasted one day there!