"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 25, 2005

Recovery...One Day At A Time...

I sorta got up at 11 and didn't go shopping! Oh well. All I really wanted was a $30 featherbed from Kaufmanns, which you really can't beat.

So, about eating myself into oblivion, cuz I was going on my diet Sunday...not a great idea! I am here, 24 hours after eating my Turkey dinner, still sick! I guess when your not use to having the 4 food groups maybe having them puts you into shock. And by that I mean, meat, carbs, carbs, and carbs. That's all we had! Stuffing, Corn, Potatos, Mac and Cheese, Rolls! Mix that all together with some punch, and peanut butter pie, and you have yourself a sickness in a tummy!

I just took my brother home, who has to work today, along with CP...*ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh* I served my time. I don't feel that bad about it. Plus, as previously discussed, a day off for a woman and a day off for a man are far different things. If they were off, they'd be lazing around anyways. I am off to cover the windows with plastic cus its I think 19 degrees here. Then, I'm going to work out. Yes, I said work out. I think thats the only thing that'll make me feel like putting clothes on later.

BTW did a turkey call any of you? I got a call from a turkey, all he could say was Gobble.....but I understood it. I think its the new Santa Clause. I am waiting for my Turkey Gifts!

We're going over to CP's wife's house. Yea, wife. Dec. 1 it'll be officially the 'ex-wife' but until then, I can still say it! I can't wait! Anyhoo, we're going over there to play some games and be social. People can't stand that we are in love and want to hibernate for petes sake! But, at least were together! CP wants me to help him start a blog. I told him it's rather addictive!

So, I'm off to try to work some of this food out of my system. "De-tox", if you will! Happy Post-turkey day celebrating to all!

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