"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Goose Is Getting Fat.....

This is a much-loved time of year! Christmas is Coming!! Ok...so, I really, cannot contain my excitement when I receive catalogs in the mail. I got my first Holiday catalog, 2 weeks ago!!! Funny, because I am 'in charge' of mailing catalogs at my job, and I hate when people call more than once for their damn catalogs!

Maybe I should be more sympathetic to them? ......Nah!

Clearly though, the new Yankee Candle, or LL Bean catalog, is way more exciting than a plant catalog!!!! Which is what they get from me. It's not The Body Shop! Or, even The Dr Fosters & Smith Catalog! I am so thrilled with the holidays! I just got the new IKEA catalog. I love it, because it reminds me of Fight Club. When he says his apartment is furnished from a catalog and all the info shows up on the screen, it looks just like the IKEA catalog!!!! I never said it took much to amuse me!

I want everything in the holiday Yankee catalog. And, I pretty much mean, everything. There isn't one thing I wouldn't like. I try to avoid the actual Yankee store, as I spend money I shouldn' t there. I try to limit myself to card shops only, then I can't find 'new' scents and buy them. But, Come on....they have buy 2 get one free!!! thats 20 bucks for free! (thats woman's logic!)

The worst part about Christmas? Giving. Don't get me wrong, I love to give. The hard thing, is giving to others. Get it? Normally I like to give to myself. I see cute things, buy them for people, and have to keep some. Or, I have to doubly buy things so I too can share in the joy that is gifting. I kept a birdhouse shelf I got for Bubba once, I should have never told her that cus she wont let me live it down.

It runs in my family, last year, I visited this really cool blown glass plant water-er that my sister got me. Yea, I visited it, at HER house, in HER plant! She is my older sister, and should lead by example, so I think I can blame her. At least, in my world.... which is after all....where I reside 95% of the time.

Maybe this is why I have no money and work 2 jobs you think???

I got another tree from a friend at work! I was going to miss having 2 trees! I have a themed tree, and a regular 'tacky' one. My themed tree is beautiful! It's Ice blue and white!

Even TWDSO will have a gift from me this Christmas Season! Bunny poop! Somehow, I'm not sure, but somehow, some pellets made their way into his Christmas boxes, when I was going through my stuff to move out. I'm such a giver!

I LOVE the holidays! I get so excited! This year, WG's daughter is going to join us for Christmas. I dunno how much of an adult I will be, my momma warned him how I am. I don't get what the big deal is man, if you act like you don't like opening presents, then you will go to hell for lying.

My BF is so sweet. He has sent me the sweetest text msgs today! He always knows how to make me smile. Just so we're clear, if he hurts me, he dies....right?

On a sidenote: my supervisor at job 2 saw the SAME shooting star on Friday as me. Does this mean I have to share my wish or what???

Today's Question:

What has been your most difficult break up?

Of course, my ex husband. Even though he is a prick bastard!!!


hot for jr. said...

Thanks for telling the whole blogging world that I kept something I bought for you. In my defense, I bought it after all the other gifts were wrapped, boxed, and shipped to you. I couldn't see sending that one thing when you had so many others. PLUS, I offered it to you when you 'visited' it and you didn't take it.
The most difficult break up is the one I just went through. I don't know why, but I can not get him out of my head and out of my heart. The most difficult part of it is not knowing what wrong. On the surface everything seems ok, but then you go flying when the rug gets pulled out from under you. I still haven't landed. ISSUES. BAGGAGE. We all have them, but how you deal with yours and your partners tells what kind of person you are.

Mon said...

thats cus those are the worst break-ups when theres no blame...or hatred. I'm telling you go egg him you'll feel better. Not that I've done or would do that, but, trust me! =)