"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Saturday, September 29, 2007

We interrupt this love fest...

Work is stifeling my spirit. It's my new most favorite phrase, and when I get a favorite phrase I use the shit out of it. Seriously folks. I work for months on end, and never have a day off. Sure, I might have a Friday NIGHT off, here and there, but I still worked 8 hours that day. I need to get the hell out of that second job. Friday, I worked 11p-7a after my full time 8-5, you know the drill by now. Who calls me at 3pm? Fucking police station. I didn't answer. Promptly at 5:05, it's them, calling me yet again!

work: "is there any way you can come in any earlier than 11?"

Me: "like when?" I'm thinking 10 or something, cus I MIGHT have considered it.

work: "5:30 or 6?"

Me: "Are you crazy? I don't think so, I just worked for 9 hours, and I need to get some sleep since I'll be working til seven in the morning"

work: "no problem, see you then"

Like, if it was a problem what would they do? Fire me? Please do. I mean how inconsiderate. It's bad enough, they have all three of us girls working every weekend, without the hopes of ever having time off, because A) they can't hire anyone and B) when they do hire someone they quit the second they find out the hours you have to work. Then, Saturday, I was on my way to walk (SEVEN miles mind you) with Kat, and they fucking call me again! "Danielle called off 3-11 so you NEED to come in early". No one ever told them that you catch more flies with honey?! I mean how rude?

I had 4 hours sleep (9am-1pm) due to the fact that they were cutting trees down at my house, starting at 10 am. I was on my way to walk, and there's no fucking way I was going to work early, when someone tells me to. I work my schedule, and I don't call off, eat it!

They're assholes cus I don't come in thru the week to pick up hours for a girl that quit. Like, its somehow my job to make up for their poor planning? Just like my working each wknd was going to be for two weeks, and its been, what? Almost four months? Seriously. Then the October schedule has been posted...and there I am - working every weekend, yet again. In October? It's my favorite month! Picking pumpkins! Haunted houses! Hayrides! Cider! Bonfires! They also went ahead and scheduled me for Columbus day 3-11. I promptly emailed everyone and said;

"FYI- I will not be working October 8th for the 3-11 shift, as scheduled. This is not even a real holiday, and I work at my full time job, where I make much more money than at this place. Thanks!"

The kicker in the ass, was one of the girls telling me the full time people were complaining that I didn't do any work on my shift. Funny thing - there is no work. The sergeant has to approve all paperwork before I get it, and he brings it in the end of his shift, which is one hour before the end of mine. Once I sticker the fucking things, write report #'s make 80 copies of each report, staple, code, log, and scan them, it's time for me to go. Bite me. Why don't one of those bitches work the midnight, or 3-11 shift and see for themselves? I didn't think so.

I really want to quit. I am giving myself til Wednesday to decide. I guess if I find out I can't make it, I can work anywhere for $8.25/hr right? Holiday help? Plus, it's also stifeling my time with my friends and the new boy.

I saw the new boy yesterday, we went on a date to the movies. We saw 'Good Luck Chuck' which was hilarious! I laughed all day with the boy, then all night at the movies, then for 3 hours afterwards. I told him he was hurting my face. I can't stand how much I like this boy. He gives me the warm fuzzies, and makes me a mushy annoying girl. The kind you would make fun of for being so stupid in love with a boy in public. That's me. Only, I didn't say stupid in love. I mean, real like. Deep like. And then theres the passion. Arrrgh, don' t get me started on that! I'm working!

Important question. The new boy's bday is this coming Saturday. WTF do I do???? After Three weeks? Card? Gift? Drink? I dunno what's too much, or not enough? I want to do something sweet, cus he thinks I'm sweet. Gotta keep him fooled you know! Kiddinggggggggggggggg.....But I don't have much money especially if I'm quitting that job! Which I'm pretty sure I am...who's comin with me? Support? Please?


EC said...

I support you - you NEED to quit that job! It's wearing you down!!

And i would do a sweet gift like a nice card and a little something like a CD or something. Nothing too major because it is too early for that!

Mon said...

BRILLIANT! I'm going to make him a mix cd! just like back in high school! lol! its gonna be so cheesy its cute!!!!! heck yea!
thanks, i think i need to. its sucking my will to live!

Janet said...

A new boy? I'm really out of the loop!

I don't know the whole story, but some sort of gesture seems appropriate, I just wouldn't go over the top. You know, no chocolates or jewelry or anything like that:)

Mon said...

heck yea a new boy! He's a fantastically wonderful new boy too! I like him a whole buncha somethin!