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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Somebody's On Cloud Nine...

Well I made it to Virginia Beach safe and sound. The plane ride only moderatly scared the shit out of me. I got to watch the sunrise all the way to Atlanta, and it was a quiet, peaceful time, that I'll not soon forget. I've never seen anything like it. I stared at it for hours. Stuff like that makes me realize, how amazing this world is, and how my small role in it all seems insignificant.

Onto better things. You know who is in LOVE with Edwin McCain, right? You know, my sole purpose for the trip was to see Edwin, right? Well I got to MEET EDWIN!!!!! Second time! I figure, by the third time, he will be so smitten with me, we'll for sure run off and get married! We're still in the 'dating' stages. We stalked his tour bus after the show, conveniently located by the women's room...and got our picture with him. I told him (cus you know, we're old friends) "we'll leave you alone after this". You say the stupidest things when confronted with your crush. Seriously though, he wasn't the least bit bothered by the droves of people who wanted autographs and pictures. Don't mind that this is the most horrible picture.

We even followed him to the hotel. But we kept our distance. That's how we roll people!

My sister has DIAL-UP....so, it will take forever to upload the hundreds of pictures we took. She got a new camera, so OUR picture will be forthcoming...not to mention, they don't have any photo editing programs so I can size them, or crop them, or remove red eye. Someone should tell her she's living in the stone ages or something.

I won't yet get into how Edwin had on the same shirt he had on the last three times I've seen him. (People, go buy his album or something, the man must be poor!) But he does have different hair each time.

I'm going to edit this later, and add pictures. Seriously, unless you have dial-up you don't know that it's taken 20 minutes to think about uploading one stinking picture. I'm if they at least had Microsoft photo editor here, I'd be golden. But, no. So until then, bask in my glory. For I am on top of the worrrrrrrrld.

P.S. I will no longer be washing my left hand, for it touched Edwin's sweaty back. Back sweat from a rock star is HOTT!!


EC said...

Ooh, the excitement!! How fun!!

He'll fall in love with you soon don't you fret ;)

Mon said...

I am still riding my Edwin high!