"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, September 03, 2007

Laboring On Labor Day...

I'm at work. Thankfully, it hasn't been too bad here today. I mean, I AM online and all. However, Olive Garden brought in a fuck-ton of food. So, I had a peice of lasagna. MEAT sauce. A breadstick. And a peice of Tiramasu. The peice of Tiramasu should have been 4 peices, but who am I to say? Now? I feel like ass. Bleh. This is precicely why me and carbs do not get along. They make me tired, bloated, and miserable. But for that short time I ate them it was fabulous. I wouldn't feel so bad if I got in a good workout today,but I only got in 40 minutes, so I could drive my Mom around.

Mom was convinced by Kat, that there is some gambling place in my town. I'm telling you, I live in a small town. No gambeling. She wouldn't believe me. I had to drive her there to show her. I said kat doesn't even LIVE here, let it go!

I'm a dumbass cus I left my parking pass in my old car for work. I didn't need it last week cus I parked in one of my VP's spots. (this is pimp shit when the parking lot has over 2,000 cars and parking is a mile away) So, I got a new one on Friday. I lost it. All I did was pick my Mom up in WV, and it's gone. Poof. I havn't even had time to really look hard for it. No time for anything. Work is ruining my life.

I'm sorta sad today. I think it's that I miss being in love. Why can't someone rescue me from myself? Whisk me away! I'm a totally awesome girl - takers? I like to go to the movies? Trivia? Beer? I'm free for a few hours the end of September. Ugh. See why I don't date? I'M ALWAYS WORKING!

I missed three attempts at contact from Someone this weekend who tried to call me AGAIN last night after I got off work. Seriously, that would've snapped me right outta my funk. But then it's only a distraction. And really, it's kinda getting old. By the time I got the message it was 1 a.m. And, I'm leaving Thursday on a jet plane to see Edwin. I can't even be all that excited, because now I'm terrified of people driving my car while I'm gone. Namely my brother. I know my Mom won't keep him from going out in it. Cus, she is the Mom and see's only the good in him. Not the fact that he goes out drinking and lies about it. And will do so in MY NEW CAR. I don't want him driving it at all. Hopefully his friend can take get him for work.

Oh, look, it's 6:11. Only 4 hours and 49 minutes until I get to go home. uggh


EC said...

You can't help who you love Mon - believe me I know :) But in time it will pass and you have to know that you did the right thing!!

And can't you take the keys to your car with you???

babylamb said...

Take your car keys with you.... (by accident of course) wink wink!!