"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My lovely little lumps...

Ugh. I miss the boy. While gushing about the new boy to a coworker, I asked, "I wonder what's wrong with him"? You ever wonder, when things are too good to be true? Like, the last one, turned out to be addicted to drugs....although I guess I kinda knew he did them...he just downplayed it a bit. This one, really seems to have his shit together. Like me!

He told me he did in fact, wonder what is wrong with me. I mean theres the whole package there. And the chemistry. I just can't even put it into words. It's like the hokey pokey! That's what it's all about. Left arm! He asked me to a party the first wknd in November. So, we have future plans. How cute is that? He said he likes that I like that he does manly things...like working on cars, and rebuilding a garage. I said who wouldn't? Apparently, some women want to do those things for themselves. What..are they stupid? I said men should fix stuff, and protect women. We should bring them the paper and whatnot. I like my "role" as a woman to be as such. You won't find me trying to fix a carborator. Uh-uh. Menswork!

When I went to bed last night, there tucked under the pillow of my made bed.. (cus he made it for me silly) was his boxers....cus they are adorable, and I loved them. He said he knew I would find them, while doing my "pillow jenga" as he calls it. I have to have them all arranged just-so. It's kinda nutty but he finds it cute, and any time the man thinks I'm cute, I'm all about it! It might sound borderline psycho, if I tell you that I put them on my stuffed Hello Kitty, and snuggled up with them to go to sleep. So, I'm definatley not going to say that.

You can all come to my wedding! It'll be at the beach, in Charleston, SC. I'll let you know the date.

So to rain on my own parade, I found some sort of "something" on the side of my right breast. Isn't it just my luck? I have an appt at the gyn next Monday already, and I'm just going to have them check it out before I entirely freak out, and go thinking it's life threatening. It's not really a lump, but some kind of squishy painful spot that I can't really describe. It's been about a week. It hurts when I don't even touch it. I'm not sure what it could be, but if I push hard along it, it feels 'crunchy' under the skin.


EC said...

The "squishy" thing is probably a clogged duct - nothing much to worry about, but I'm glad you are going to have it checked out!!

Oh and I fully expect an invitation! I'm only 3 hours from Charleston!!!!

Perfect Patti said...

I agree with Erin....usually when a "something" hurts it is a cyst or a clogged duct. Get it checked out and keep doing those self-exams!

BTW -- I'm totally living vicariously through you and your BOY...I just love the updates and grin the whole time. You are making me believe in love again!

Slick said...

I'm also in agreement with Erin, although I'm clueless when it comes to the inner workings of the female breasts. I just know about the outsides.

Still though, I'm glad you're going to get it checked out.

Wait, I hope the man washed'em before you snuggled up to them!

jane said...

Our lovely lady lumps, gotta love em! Good thing you're getting it checked out, but I agree, its probably nothing. Your guy sounds like a blast, I hope he ends up being normal & all. ;)
I kinda like having men's & women's roles too. It's so much nicer when there's a real boogeyman outside! You can just roll over in bed & say, "I made breakfast, now you go out there & catch that robber. It's your job!"

Kentucky Girl said...

OMG....a normal guy? A normal like...nice guy and stuff? YAAAAAAAY! I'll be at your wedding. LOL Can I wear pink? I look good in pink.

Well, at least you're having the spot checked on. Best to have it looked at rather than let it sit.

Mon said...

I'm thinking squishy is good. Thinking positive. Heck yea, the more the merrier!!! =-)

Ahh, thank you! I know, it's amazing what finally finding happiness can do for the soul. I mean, once you belive its still out there, the rest falls into place!

You crack me up! lol. Yes, tis better to be safe..than sorry!

exactly! You could insert any phrase there "go kill that bug" "jump start my car" "shovel me out of the snow" lol. I don't see a problem with it at all. I'd rather do womanly things than break a nail doing any of that stuff. Or getting bug guts on my shoes!

heck yea, surely seems to be normal. its so weird. i try not to question it, because doubt brings bad things. I'm just going with it. like i said if it turns out bad, at least i had this time of happiness to remember that it is possible! Yea, pink is good!