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Friday, August 31, 2007

Rollin down the street....

Well, here she is, in all her glory. My new G-ride! Isn't she purdy? She's a 2004 Dodge Stratus 2 door SXT coupe. Gray. I never thought I'd like a Stratus, but this is snazzy. It has a lot of the same parts as a Mitsubishi Eclipse. When I got to
the dealer, I was nauseus. But, I felt comfortable after a few minutes. The first car I looked at I don't remember what it was, I didn't even drive it. I said uh, nah! The second, was a Buick Century. Do I look 80 years old?? I test drove it cus
it was a nice car, lots of options. But it felt like driving a boat. I told him it wasn't "me" and since I didn't need a car I'd just wait and come back when I maybe had some money down or something. Am I a grown up or what?

He asked what I needed in a car, and I said something "comparable" to my car. So he drove up in this car, and I said yea, now we're talking! I couldn't believe it was a stratus. I loved how it drove. It has a sunroof, and a spoiler. Power windows, seats, doors, locks, cruise. Awesome sound system. I found out accidentally that it has a 4 disc in-dash CD changer. I couldn't figure how to get a CD out, it kept saying to insert disc 4..and I was like woa, a CD changer! The best part? It's a 4cyl so I'll save in GAS! (I had a V6) Oh, Oh, and, my rate is 10%, vs. 19% I had on the last one.

So, I defeated the purpose of a lower payment. Ready for this? It's only $4 more a month than I'm paying for my 2001. Plus I got gap insurance. Plus I'm financed thru CHRYSLER which will help my credit! The insurance went up $14 though. Ouch. So,
I can afford it. But I'm not saving anything.

She's mine. All mine! Plus, they said I might get $126 back soon, from the car payment I made today. It comes out automatically from my checking twice a month.

I'm goin to West Virginia to get my Momma tonight in the new car! Fun!


Suzi said...

Hey, that's spiffy! Congratulations on your excellent deal. I, buy the way, am 80 years old, because my car is a Buick Century! Ha! I know when people pass me and look over, they're surprised to see my youthful 43 behind the wheel.

babylamb said...

Luv the new car. congratulations.
It looks like you got a great deal.
hve fund driving to pick up you mom.