"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, June 27, 2005

Walking on Sunshine...

It's Monday morning. I'm not really awake. I partied toooo much this wknd for sure! My coworker asked why I was so smiley today...hmmm I can't imagine why...what could it beeee?

I got windows in the trash today. I am a trash picker. I paint them, so I needed them! People throw this shit away!! I have no shame!

Friday night I went to the Beir Haus after work, and had a few. They were playing 80's tunes. Tayray requested 'Disco Inferno' (50 cent) and when they finally played (that 'crap') at 11, he said it was for me lol! Good ol' Tayray! It's Hot! Disco Inferno! (thats the jam!) Got to peep the cute bartender. He reminds me of my brother, not that I peep my brother, but he has the same mannerisms. Tayray had some tequila again!! Oh, how I miss the innocent days of tequila shots! ha ha! I got home, and cleaned, and talked to work guy!

Saterday I worked, ran around the entire day in the sweltering heat, kept forgetting my sour cream for dip!! And the girls came over around 6.
We all had our PJ's on, it was fun. I gave everyone their gifts! They each got a martini glass with a colored bottome, a candle, and some rock star nail polish in little purses with either pink or black fur on them. We watched movies, and laughed, and drank, and laughed! DRANK! Got the buzz on pretty early, had to slow er down, and get some food! We had pizza, and chips and dips, and cheese, and cheese ball. Bubba spilled the crackers all over the floor, it was like a bad outtake from a commercial for Ritz! We laughed forever. At some point, bubba passed out in my downstairs, we didn't know where she went! She was ok after a while! We watched Napoleon Dynamite. I watched it w/those we don't speak of, sober, granted, and didnt crack a smile! I laughed my drink all over the place this time!!!! So, if you watch it, get your drinkon! Its much funnier! We watched chick flicks, and talked.

We made a trip to Dairy Mart in the night, its becoming a tradition!
I made chocolate martinis, and mojitos. There was 6 of us, skippy came at the perfect time, with the Krispy Kremes......ohhhhh the food we ate! Ha Ha! Good time!

About who knows when, cus I have no clocks, my brother calls:

Bro: What are you doing?
Me: Having a party.
Bro: Well you didn't tell ME you were having a party tonight.
Me: It's a slumber party, Girls only!
Bro: Well, I like girls!!!!

(Bro is very single! Needs. Woman. Now. Needs.Married. Happy. Put up with him. love him.)

Yesterday I worked, and work guy met me here, and we went to my house, I changed and we went to Bubba's. Her and her guy and us went to see a band, but it was the wrong band. It ended up being like a Neil Diamond band, in the heat, and sun! So, we left!

Work guy is a really nice guy. He makes me laugh, I enjoy his company! I just don't want a boyfriend. I am not ready for that. And he knows that, and seems to be respectful of it so far. Plus, he JUST broke up w/his girlfriend of 4 years. I am 3 months out, and still dealing with those we dont speak of. I don't want to be a bad influence on him either, cus I'm ahead of him where that is concerned. When I took him to his car last night, we did kiss.....Nothing like kissing a fish named those we don't speak of! He called me when he got home too.

Time will tell what this all leads to. I don't expect anything. I am mostly afraid to hurt him, more than me, because he is vulnerable! I told him that before we kissed, that he should go cus he is vulnerable. I tried! I don't want to be the rebound. I don't want anything involved right now.

Men sure don't take long do they? They should figure a way to market that feeling, after a break up, and sell it to women, they would be richer than I could ever imagine too! Cus we complain that you move on too fast, but really, we're jealous, because we are stuck feeling all the pain, and your off w/your new woman! I want to see a seminar on this, ASAP!

Bubba's man was a lot more talkative this time, he must have felt like another ingredient to the succotash today. No more summer squash! lol. He let her drive his car!!!!!!! Bubba can sometimes scare you when she drives. Well, usually she does. And he was non-chalant, sure you can drive it. She also has a fuckus (focus) and he has a big jeep. She did better driving the big car I think! It was fun! I said, he is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!! He gets my stamp of approval.

It's great to be at work! Bubba is going to call off work tonight, so, not only do I have to work alone tonight, and the night will drag, but I have to face work guy alone after the kiss! ack! lol!
I don't call off unless i really have to. My house is a mess. I partied 3 days straight. But I can'tcall off!! I need the money! I want to quit working 2 jobs some day! SOME day!

Brass Monkey is on the radio! (Beastie Boys)
That funky monkey!!!

I have no question, cus my books are at home!
So, this is one I remember from the book from Saterday:

What single word do you hate the most:

Im gonna have to say the infamous 'C' word. It's vulgar. I don't hate it, unless it is directed at ME!


Rachel said...

Wow! What a great weekend. It's hella (can I still use that word?) hot here too. Yuck. I didn't think Napoleon Dynamite was very funny. Maybe b/c I was sober. I'd have to agree with you on the "C" word. Actually, I can think of a lot of words I don't like for that part of the female body that are very derogatory.

JustDes said...

All I can say is ......IM JEALOUS!...I love how you're brother told you he liked girls.....which was plenty excuse to come over......Did you give Tayray my drink? I hope you didn't give bubba my martini glass.....I'll get it one day...lol....

The Answer: D*ick....I love it, but hate to hear people say it....It makes me cringe...

Mon said...

Rachel: Yes, def need to have a buzz to get Napoleon Dynamite!! It should be in the description "best if viewed while intoxicated"

Neodes: Tayray didn't drink much! I do have a spare martini glass, one girl didn't come! I'll save it! My brother, is a trip! Looking to get married? Kidding!