"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The unlisted number....

So. I gave work guy my digits last night. So we could talk. We only have little 5-10 min breaks at work to chat. Or email. And, he intrigues me. So he called. I dunno what it is, but when I got to work today and had an email from him it made me smile. There is something there, he really interests me. I am really private with my phone number, so to me it's a big step! I like being unlisted, lol.
I am also trying to go out with a younger guy. I think he is ummmm like 22? AHHHH!

Im not trying to be tied down with anyone. And, I hope that it doesnt end up biting me in the ass. I need to be a free bird. It could be my last chance, cus you know, prince charming is waiting for me patiently! Maybe I already met him? I think if I did I might show him the door.
I'm not one for being rescued, and I am not that into believing in love right now either!!

My little booser is doing better. He isnt being so mean and bossy. He let me cuddle and clip his nails sunday with no struggle. Poor little guy!

My party is this wknd. I am having a slumber party, with the girls. Should be lots of fun! Im making chocolate martinis, and were going to have girl talk, and watch movies, like in the olden days!! Its taking a lot of planning since I work a lot. I got little gift bags for each girl. Cus men don't have to be the only ones to buy us stuff!

Did a preliminary weigh in, I lost 3 lbs. Don't ask me how, it mustve been all that running to Dairy Mart on Saturday night, maybe we were running Tayray??? We both lost weight, after eating like pigs, and drinking! I attribute mine to my Carmen Electra DVD's. And, Budweiser Select. Cus, why not? It's my new drink. We will see what tomorrow brings! Im not complaining about losing weight. 2 more lbs and I'm down 20!! Amazing what you can do when you actually set your mind up not to fail!!!!


Rachel said...

I'm glad your little bunny is doing better. Poor guy. Congrats on losing the 3 lbs. That's fantastic. I keep gaining. Ugh.

Mon said...

I have a lot to lose, soon, I'll be damning those last few pounds!! I dont look forward to that, hitting a plateau, is the worst!

Yea, for a few days Boos wouldnt eat his veggies. He was on strike! And he dumped his food bowls all over. I felt awful, like I was hiding Bitsy from him!!

JustDes said...

I'm so proud of you..Half ass sticking to your diet..lol...Well keep jammin' to carmen...I myself am about to take my lazy ass jogging.

I'm soooo jealous...My girlfriend who usually pulls us together for slumber parties, lives in the boondocks.....*in a whiney voice* Can i come...Please? lol...Just have an extra drink for me...Put it on the side and don't let Tayray drink it...lol...

Mon said...

Every once in a while you gotta have something delicious! I really think its just cus I have so much to lose. I'll be struggling here soon enough!

You can come! I'm sure you'd fit right in! I'll have one for you, I'll have to hide it, cus putting it on the side, wont keep it from Tayray! lol!