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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ducks in a row

I forgot, that Friday is my SECOND time being pulled over for being drunk. The first time, was while I was walking! LOL! Last summer, a group of girlfriends went up to Put in Bay for a bachelorette party. We walked, what seemed like 5 miles to catch the ferry so we wouldnt be coming back in a car drunk. One of the girls had huge blisters by the time we got there.

They ship you off to the island on a ferry, during the day. Which is nice. You go bar hop, get liquered up. Then, if you want to party like a rock star, you have to catch the very last ferry off the island. Or your stuck there. Don't ask me what happens if you get stuck there.

But, everyone has the same idea, catch the last ferry. So you are scooted on like cattle, and there arent enough seats. So you are on the choppy lake, with a bunch of drunk people. Try getting your sea legs, when your drunk. Our idea was to hold on to the side of the boat for dear life. We became bumpers, literally, like ping pong. People would fall into you, boing, couldnt stop walking on the choppy waters, and would run into someone on the other side, back and forth. some throw up over the boat.

My girlfriend and I couldn't find the womens room, so we used the mens on the ferry. There was no TP so we improvised. Some men kept knocking on the door and opened it and announced to the world that there were 2 girls in the mens room! ha ha! Just trying to set the mood. There is about 100 drunks or more on the damn boat. And the wind takes your breath away.

But we were walking back to the trailer, like ducks in a row (that was bachelorette's moms advice to walk like ducks in a row so we did shake our tail feathers at times ) and sure as shit, a cop turned his lights on. I asked my friend are we getting pulled over? We were too close to the road. He wanted us to move or we'd get hit. Bachelorette said 'we were being responsible and walking' lol.
There are may flies all over the grass, so we had squished may flies on our feet. Those things are nasty, they have to squegee (sp?) them off windows up there! It is disgusting!

So, I technically have been pulled over twice for drinking and driving. Only this time, I was wrongly accused!

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