"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Overworked, Underpaid....

It is one day closer to the wknd. That is something to be happy about this rainy dreary morning. My bones hurt. Im exhausted. Yet, I keep trucking on. I have had a really hard time lately at work, concentrating, and staying on task. Life does that to you some times. I do a large chunk of work for what we call 'brokered products' stuff we sell from other people to our customers. I took on the pricing for all 70 vendors, which turned into about 1/2 of my job. I was training a new girl in the mail room to do it, falling behind, furrrrther and further. I have a full plate, without having another 1/2 a job to do. I like to be busy and feel rushed I dont know why, thats how I operate. I have a problem with folks, who do not work, and cant keep up with their jobs. I have a strong work ethic, I had to work for everything that I have, nothing was ever given to me. Im not a complainer, nor a brown noser. I do my job, I dont cry about it. Im thankful to have one!

So, Im talking to my boss about how behind I have gotten on that part of my job, I said new girl is busy, Im busy, theres no time to train her, and I dont know how she can keep up with it when she is busy, annnnd new! So in true office fashion, another mgr comes to me and asks me to keep up with them, were going in a different direction he said. The direction, leaves me with all the work! He asked if I'd like to work overtime to get caught up. Normally I work a lot of overtime for his dept, because they always offer. I said sure, I work 2 jobs m-f but I can come in on the wknd. What?

I think i had a temporary brain lapse!!! I love work man, I love it! I must, because Im always doing it!!!!! Is the word NO in my vocabulary? sure it is! Do I use it often? NO! So now, ill be working 7 days a week. I might have a breakdown, it is starting to get to me! I have to go to the vet saterday (dog, shes there all the time) find something to wear for our big night out, and now come in to work. Im bringing my dog to work. I have a door on my office. Im not going all the way home, the vets out here. And, come in to work Sunday with a hangover. Im so damn excited! Money will be nice! Provided I ever get to a point where I can save some!!!!

So at job #2 last night, got to talking to this guy about dating, and how it sucks trying to find someone these days, when you have no time, and dont want to meet someone in a bar. He said he was looking my profile up at yahoo. I dont have a picture up though so he wont be able to find me. He and his g/f are breaking up, he said its mutual, they dont hate each other. I said, you could say mine was too but that doesnt mean i dont hate him. (score one for me! )
He is the 3rd person in 2 weeks to tell me and bubba (who i will now call my best friend like forrest gump, bubba was his best good friend) that we look 21/22......I said to her last night, well, no matter what happens in our lives, at least we still got it! ha ha ha! It is nice to hear, 30 scares me really bad!!

*I'm going to try my darndest not to talk about those we dont speak of after today. I am trying to close that chapter of my life! He watched me pack up after 4 years and never said a word to me. He let our 4 year anniversary pass without another thought. And, most importantly, asked me to move in with him, with no intention of marrying me. He lied. Not the end of the world, because I know, someone will come into my life that I just cant live without! I want the closeness I had with my ex husband, and I didnt have that with those we dont speak of. So, maybe like the movie, I take off his costume, and reveal that he is just an elder, trying to scare me into staying at this point in my life. And I am moving on!

*(of course, should I have a random encounter with him, I will mention him again! lol)

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