"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thursday night at the Beir Haus....

Have I mentioned lately, that I am tired? Scratch that, I'm the walking dead! Im having trouble getting around w/o running into things, and its really not a hangover! Its called no sleep! And none in my near future.

Last night at work, work guy asked bubba if we wanted to go out tonight. And Bubba said yes... She said I had a date. I said, it is not a date. We are going OUT! He has a GIRLFRIEND. I am fragile!
He's nice though, easy to talk to! And we seem to have lots in common. We're gonna go out and have fun, but thats it! We're going to Karaoke, in Kent, which is about 45 minutes from my house......

I went to the Beir Haus to meet my friend/neighbor Tayray and her man for her bday. I went right from work, and didnt get home til almost 12. I'm not the party animal I once was, I dunno what I am thinking! Ladies night, my beer was a buck! We had a couple shots - Tayrays man is doing the shots thing, to get a jacket. I had a lollipop and a starburst, which tasted like a lollipop. But, it was a hoot for sure! It's just a local bar, not a big club, it was karaoke night. I did not grace the stage with my vocal stylings this time. Turned out there was some people there that Tayrays man knew, from work. They were drunk, and a lot of entertainment!
'Red shirt lady' sang 'walk this way' by Aerosmith/Run DMC with a guy, she kicked off her sandals, while making moose antler's out of her hands, and shaking that booty!!! I don't know what that was all about, but maybe its a new dance, I don't watch much MTV you know...
She walked around the bar with her slippery dick as she called it, which was a lighter, that when pressed, a penis popped out of it. I saw Tayray break the slippery penis. Slippery penis almost went down my shirt! DIRTY! It popped out of the case. When red shirt found out it broke, she was upset, she thought she broke it herself, but soon showed me that it still worked. YAY.

Next thing I know, red shirts man has a black bra. Funny. Then he put on the black bra. These people were older than me, in their 40s maybe? Tay Rays man provided the stuffing for the bra, and he walked around the bar in a white dress shirt, and tie, and a black stuffed bra. Red shirt chased one of the guys singing, and smacked his ass. It was hard to tell whose black bra it was but it was funny nonetheless! I so need a camera phone. He even posed for pictures. He works at a car dealership, betcha could get a good deal with blackmail!

Tayrays man got the mic and made everyone sing happy bday to her, she was so embaressed, it was funny!!!

My last observation of the evening, was the foos ball table. When the guys in a row are turned feet up, they all look like penises! But, I did almost have a slippery penis in my shirt! Musta had them on the brain!

Went to bed at 1, after sneaking in a cuddle with each animal ( I feel so guilty!!!) Going out tonight, getting up early tomorrow, going out tomorrow, getting up early sunday. Monday, is gonna realy blow the big one!!

Footnote: I would like to declare, that I am not the one who smells at work. Bubba asked me not long ago if I was passing gas, because it smelled. No, she asked if my shoes were off, no. I started to get a complex. Then I sat by crazy cane man at work, its him. He poo's himself I think. He seriously lets em rip, and laughs to himself about it. They are rank! I have a bad sense of smell, so its BAD if i smell it! Yesterday another girl had to sit by him and she announced "If I smell farts, I'm moving".

So it wasnt me!


TayRay said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!! I forgot all about the slippery dick!!! It sure was a good time and great entertainment last night!

Mon said...

You had too many shots birthday girl. I'm proud of you for making it to work today, before me! LOL!