"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Saturday, June 18, 2005

My run in with the fine men in blue, of Canal Fulton...

Last night Me and Bubba came home after job 2 and changed, and I went back to Bubba's, she made us yummy dinner! Chicken,

baked potato, and corn on the cob. We didn't get to the bar until 11:30. We met work guy for Karaoke, was so fun!

Before I get into how the evening went, her's how it ended up. It's about a 45 trip for me to get home. I drove the back

roads,and had my brights on. Im at a stop sign, turning left, maybe 4 blocks from my house. There's a cop at the stop sign

across from me, turning right. He didn't turn, So I went left. I am at the light, and the cop decided to turn behind me and

abort his original plan of going the opposite way. I notice my brights are on. Fuck. It's 3am. I turn them off. I get to my

street, and they turn the lights on.


I turned on my road, and I'm about 200 feet from my apartment driveway. He asked me the usual, "do you know why I pulled

you over.?" I said yes, I had my brights on. He claimed he wanted to be sure I was ok. He then asked where I came from, I

told him, so he asked if I had anything to drink? "yes, I had 3 beers."

I offered him my change of address form from the BMV, since I'd just moved. He didn't want that. He ran my info and came

back and asked me to get out of the car to take a few tests. Tests? I didn't study! He asked if i recently moved. Yes. I

thought that was why I offered him my change of address card, but, whatever.

"Have you done this before?" he asked as I got out of the car. "No", I said.
(I wanted to say I had seen it on an episode of cops, but kept my smart mouth shut!)

He must've been new, cus another cop was there to tell him how to test me. They did the pen light test. I was shaking. I

followed it forever, it wasn't like on TV (you know, my alternate universe) I thought to myself, this is taking too long,

they think I'm drunk! He did it over, and over and over! Alright already!

When it was finally over, the other cop said "good". The encouragement boosted my confidence. Then he made me stand on one

foot, stare at my raised foot, and count one one thousand....until he said stop. I did it, all the way to 30! That is a

long time! When you are afraid to skip numbers! one thousand 25....one thousand 26....its a lot to remember! When I

finished, the other cop said ok now, do it to 900. (cop humor)

He said "I'm sorry about all this, it's not often we pull someone over we think is drunk and their not, this never happens"
I said "ohhhh, thats ok!"
(its ok to lie to a cop only in this context)

Then, they made me walk toe, to heel, 9 times,not 8, or 10.Then tiny steps in a circle, and again the other way! I mastered

this one! (call me a band fag, but all those long hot days in band camp paid off!!)

The other Cop said "we had you do the tests because there was a strong odor in your car, can we look inside for beer

bottles?" I said "sure, go right ahead" Apparently they felt stupid for harassing me, and now wanted to bust me for open

container. The first cop said "yea we're sorry, maybe someone spilled something on you" Or maybe your an asshole.
When I was done, he said he was sorry again, you can go, no ticket. We'll make sure you get home safe. I said thank you. I

could've walked home in 60 seconds.

Then in an effort to befriend me, he asked me what my liscense plate meant. I said it was my dad's navy ship name, and He

had it before he died. They thought it was neat. They said be careful and we're sorry again, I said thats OK. I didn't feel

like it was OK. I was innocent.

So, they actually followed me home, and watched me get out of my car and go inside. I called momma at 3am, to tell her, but

she wouldnt let me finish, she kept saying, "did you get a DUI? Did the cop ask you out?" Did he ask me out?
Yea, mom....I called you at 3am cus a cop randomly stopped me in the middle of the night, cus Im so hot, he had to have me

right then and there.

And.....the less interesting beginning of the night...

I met Bubba's current interest. He seemed nervous. When we get together, I know we can be a little crazy, and loud, and

maybe we scared him! lol! Sometimes we scare ourselves. We are like peas and carrots, so maybe he felt like the summer

squash or something? Will need to meet again, on better turf.

Work guy was a lot of fun. We had a lot of laughs. He did karaoke, and he was good. He's really personable, which is nice,

because I am too, but I usually have to warm up to people, so he makes that a lot easier. He asked if we could go out

sometime, and I'm not ready for a relationship, (I only stopped talking about those we dont speak of what, 2 days ago???)

so I said sure we go out all the time. He said not as a group, you. I said Sure, I go out all the time! I mean, I was

having fun, but I dont want to get into something right now. I have to concentrate on work! And do a little thing like get

over the last guy you dated. Its the thing to do! He told Bubba he was attracted to me. I gave him my email address. I

tried to talk to him about his girlfriend, and act optomistic. Hes sorta in the same situation I was in, it has to be done,

the break up.....but its scarey to be the one to leave.
This, I know! Been there! I said its not bad after a while, and if you have friends to go out with, its fun! At least, we

have fun....?
So, hes not ready for something either! I am trying not to let my hormones get the best of me, 6 months is a long time. And

we broke up in MARCH! (ok?) I am not ready for a relationship. period. end of discussion. I got an email from him this

morning, so I responded.

So, in closing. I would like to thank Mr. Mitzel, my band teacher. Who made us run our drills, over, and over again until

we all got blisters and calluses. He taught me to walk steady, without faltering, and holding that big plume up in strong

winds as well. All while playing music. We band folks, got it goin on ok? I'd also like to thank Anheuser Busch, maker of

Budweiser Select, which has only 4.1% alchohol. And, my guardian angel who has been working overtime on me these past few


I am so getting trashed tonight since I wont be drinking for a while in public! (we have a Limo, its all good)


Hot for Jr. said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there while you were growing up to teach you how to deal with cops on a dark road in the middle of the night, but I think you handled yourself pretty well. It's just a good thing Bubba wasn't there with you. Mom and me would be in Canal Fulton right now bailing you guys out of the slammer! By the way, tell Bubba I tried to post something on her blog about kissing frogs, and couldn't because I'm not a fellow 'blogger'. That's discrimination!! I thank your band teacher and guardian angel as well for watching your back when I can't!!

Mon said...

Bubba is still a little blog challenged. Ill tell her to fix it. I def. lucked out.