"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trash Talk

I am not sure I'm awake this fine Wednesday. I say fine, because I woke up not sweating. It stopped being 95 and humid. HOO RA! I'm not sure the temp but there was a cool breeze. NICE. I cannot tolerate the heat, and its a great reason to complain for me.

I am so tired, that I was spacing out at job #2 last night. I was sure I was falling asleep, only I made around the same amount of money as usual so I mustve been coherent enough to type. I'd catch myself nodding off. I spent a long time making fun of people who did that at work.
There was a time (before working more) that I had to be in bed at 10 to function. I changed that to midnight over a few weeks, now that seems normal. Sunday, I was up all night of course, upset, and same with Monday, and Tuesday, well I had to work out like a mofo and try to lose the pound I gained. As soon as I weigh in, I am so getting a carmel mixed with vanilla cafe latte. Yea, its about a meals worth of calories, but, I havnt had my breakfast, and I'm tired. I'll get over it!!! I need a pick me up!

Some yahoo at my apt building (theres only 4 apartments, or townhouses, whichever) keeps using MY trash can! I am the only one there, living alone. I am the only one there living without a MAN to take my trash down, the long, steeeep hill to the curb! It is in fact hard to do because the trash is heavy and sometimes it builds momentum and tries to knock me down on the way!
I keep it in my garage, but trash comes Monday. Monday night when I get home, someone sticks their trash in my can! I pay for trash I don't know about the rest of them, but I pay for it, thats why I have the big old trash can! It just peeves me cus i have to cart their freaking trash up the hill and keep it in my garage til next week!!! GROSS! It stinks! I asked my friend if it was them, she said no.

So, gross as it sounds, i opened up their stupid trash, and it is the people next to my friend. They ordered pizza, and had it delivered, and their address was right there on the Dominos box. I have 4 cats worth of kitty litter, and bunny bedding in there all week, and it doesn't stink like their trash, must be the stank BABY diapers! NICE!
Kindly, get your own freaking trash can!!!! Or stick your own trash on the curb, and not in my empty trash can! for Petes sake!

The girl at the office who delivers our mail, just came. She is wearing a shirt I just recently bought at Old Navy, and wore last week. I RARELY, and by rarely, i mean not even once, or every two months, buy clothes. I wear my 1 pair of jeans til they rip, and buy a new pair. I'm just not into dressing a body I dont like maybe. So, now I cant wear it. I hate when people have your same clothes. There is roughly 70 people in our office, we're small. Oh wait, that was before they fired/layed off a bunch of people. Thats another day's story.

Some punk from the band Lifehouse (no, thats NOT Edwin McCain singing!!!! couple peeps said that but Edwin wouldnt do this) said that Cleveland SUCKS! They keep playing it on the radio, over, and over. The guy said he likes to come here to see the Cav's play (gay!) "which is weird because Cleveland sucks" Yea, whatever. The heart of rock n roll is still beatin', in Cleveland, and Huey Lewis said so! So, their launching a hate mail campaign for the band lol! Im sure, they care. While their rolling in the dough!

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