"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Poop Bomb & TV

Firstly, everything goes with TV ok?

Consulting my friend today on my gaining one pound, we are both in the weight loss challenge.
She told me she knew how I could drop a pound by tomorrow, and I said, how, Pooping????
Of course, i said the 'pooping' while walking past the open office door of a bunch of computer consultants. Sometimes, I should watch my mouth. We had a good laugh.

I wanted to mention the new show 30 days starts tonight on FX. The guy doing it, is the guy that did Supersize me, which was an oddly interesting movie. He has a website. The first show, he lives with his fiance for 30 days on minimum wage. Hopefully, this opens some eyes. I believe those making minimum wage work way harder than, say, me, who is posting this while working. When I made minimum wage, I had no time for slacking. TIME TO LEAN TIME TO CLEAN that was our Taco Bell motto!!!

Goodbye Britney and Kevin. How can I go on without watching your chaotic lives? Maybe you will film the birth of your child, and show how much fun it is to be parents, and superstars, er, celebrities, actually!

I cannot wait until some new seasons start. Tivo is getting bored, with nothing to record for me. If I'm not careful, it will start to slack, and one day, my Tivo might have a blog of its own, and reveal all the things I ask it to record, which, arent always something I care to share....
If...yaknowhatimean!!! As if it isn't addicting enough, I read in my book, that you can disconnect your Tivo and take it places, and watch what you have recorded. I should have never read the book. Thats all I have to say!


JustDes said...

LOL...where are you taking your Tivo? I'm soo mad you'll be carrying your Tivo to your friends house...I wish i could see that i would Laugh My Ass Off!

Damn Britney and Kevin for having only 4 episodes....

I did love the wedding, it was really pretty.....And to think last year the media made her wedding out to be cheesy......It was beautiful....i'm a sucker for love.....

Mon said...

Well...I can take my Tivo anywhere, Im thinking, camping would be a fun venture, take a tv and tivo! lol! But Its good for when I go visit my mom and sister, I can take Tivo and we can watch whatever I have saved! lol! I have a sickness!

That wedding made me cry! I cried at Britneys wedding, and I don't care much about her! Its that Tom and Katie kind of love, when you dont have it it makes you sick! lol!