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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My dog and the opthamologist....

Did I mention yet, that I have to take my dog to an opthomologist? Yea, I am wearing my 1 month contacts for my 3rd month, and my dog gets to see an opthamologist. Go figure.
Her eyes aren't improving, with the dry eye. I rinse them, and oint them twice a day. I have to soak under her eye with a hot washcloth since the hole is still there. The opthamologist may know more about what the hole is. The vet said it isnt her tooth as he had first thought.

My vet called today. My dog has 4 bacteris growing in her ear. Let me tell you, she smells REAL nice, and so does my entire house! I had to wait on her test results to give her meds, because he was unsure if it was a yeast infection again, or a bacterial infection. Something called Prodius is the worst one she has.

Guess what then? In 3 weeks she gets to go BACK to the vet again! I swear, I do everything they tell me to do with her, and she is there all the time. I am starting to develope a complex! She is really in poor shape in her old age! My poor Little Hill!!!

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Rachel said...

Hope she's okay. She's adoreable! Love that fluffy tail.