"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And the Winner Is........

I overslept. I was having good dreams. I woke up at 8:22, work starts at 7:45! Jus' a lil' late! This wknd I vow to spend a day sleeping! I promise! Probably Monday....who knows? Friday I am hanging w/the gal's. Tayray and Bubba. We dunno whether we will cry with the Notebook, or get drunk. Well, have some drinks.

Oh, the decisions.... I just had to weigh in for the final day. Man, is this nerve wracking! It's a lot of money! I didn't lose this week. But, I didn't gain either. I will be thankful for that, considering, I didnt exercise over the wknd, drank mass quantities of alchohol, and ate not only pizza, cheese, and chips, but the krispy kremes!! Oh, and, the donut holes! I did manage to leave the krispy kremes alone after Saturday. Even though, they are STILL sitting on my table. Hey, I work a lot! I have no time for cleaning right now.

I am the biggest loser! Thank you, thank you. My speech? Ok!!

I won $116!!! I would like to thank.... myself first, for not giving up, and exercising even though its swelteringly hot and I'm dog tired after working twice! I'd like to thank Tayray, for strip aerobics'ing with me, and running the stairs, and walking the dogs. I'd like to thank my legs for not giving out on me. I'd like to thank Birds Eye who makes an edible frozen vegetable, without which I would starve to death. I'd like to thank Budweiser, for making a drinkable beer for those watching calories. Carbs, for being so delicious, and proving, that people can in fact, eat you and not gain weight! (come on America! its brain food!) And, finally I'd like to thank Carmen Electra, for telling me its ok to touch myself, and to never underestimate the power, of the finger in the mouth. Speak on my sista! LOL!!!

But seriously, I am pretty happy that I won. I love competition, and I love when I win! What can I say? This is my 'thang'.

I don't want to be at work. But, if I weren't here, then I wouldn't get anything done cus WG has invaded my brain. He knows my thoughts, and what I want w/o even telling him. I am trying not to think it is too good to be true.

Some day, I might eat my own words. I thought people who say they just knew were full of shit. Maybe you do? Maybe you don't. Time will tell. There are 11 hours and 40 min left to today. And that is as far as I want to think where those things are concerned. I'm trying. Desperatley!

My friend is having a party on Sunday. She invited me instead of those we dont speak of. Because, I am clearly the better choice! It makes me happy because she was friends with him before her and I met. And her and I were friends before me and him met. He is a fuddy dud, and doesn't know how to have fun. But I was really afraid that things would change w/us.

I don't really care about any of the other people we hung out with, thats the past. But she is a good friend. She said he could hear through the grapevine but doubts he will come cus he wasn't invited. I would think he could take that as a hint, that I will be there. I have no desire to see him. Especially since he thought that we could be cool around each other. I told him, that he knew me better than that, and we would never be around each other. I intend to keep it just like that!
But I don't think right now, that anything could bring me down.

Today's Question:

If you could foresee a single day of your future in its entirety, what date would you select?

This is a tough one. I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. And it messes up yer noggin. So I have thought about a lot of days in my future. And wondered different things. But the one that would most interest me I suppose, though it may be morbid, is the day I die. I'd like to know that in the end, I was loved, and cared for, had friends and family around, and hopefully I don't get hit by a car, or mamed and killed, and chopped into bits!!!!!


the blonde 1 said...

Congratulations on being the "Biggest Loser"! I wish I had the will-power to stick to a diet for more than two weeks. Now don't spend all your winnings on the booze this weekend :)

Mon said...

Thank you! 2 weeks was usually my limit! When money is a motivator, it is amazing what you can do!
I gotta stop boozing it up. I could be losing more!

JustDes said...

Damn you sure do blog alot! I can't keep up..lol...

Can i send you a NY lotto ticket? maybe you can win me something and i'll break you off a piece....

The answer: Do you love how i do that "the answer" it sounds all final. Okay....I think it would be my wedding....I wan't to see who i marry and who will f*ck up my wedding....So i won't invite their triflin' ass..lol

Anonymous said...

I would like to see tomorrow because if it is going to suck, I probably should just stay in bed and wait til the next tomorrow.

Mon said...

Neodes: I talk a lot too! lol! Lot on my mind!
The answer, reminds me of that game show!
LOL! classic answer! Good thinkin too, nip it in the bud!!!!

Tanton said...

I'd like to see my divorce so I would know not to marry that person :-)